Element None
Weapon Nebula
Age 8
Birthday May 4
Gender Male
Species Popopo
Home Sky City
Affiliation Independent Hero/Dark Matter Resistance

Debut The Adventures of White: Uninvited Guests

Xenom is another wielder of the Rainbow Sword, living in Sky City. He is a brilliant fighter for his age, and a surprisingly good swordsman. He was enlisted by the Dark Auras at a very young age, and has since looked to them as his only family, before finally understanding, in heartbreaking fashion, what the Dark Auras truly cared about from him.


Xenom is rather typical in appearance for a Popopo, with a red body, blue eyes, and yellow feet, with a dark-yellow line going across each.  He also has black hair and purple wings, which do actually allow him to fly.


Speed: 5/5

Power: 4/5

Defense: 2/5

Although Xenom has no elements, he is a gifted swordsman and fighter; he is both agile and strong, making him way tougher than he looks.  However, he is not as smart a fighter as most, resulting in him getting frequently outsmarted in battle.  He often wields Meta Knight's old, forgotten sword, Nebula.  He loves to fight from above and make use of his wings to set up some of his attacks...

Dive Kick/Sword Dive

About as basic as it gets.  Xenom tucks in his wings to make himself fall down towards his opponent.  The Dive Kick has him coming down with both feet pointed in the direction he's falling.  The Sword Dive has him hurtling head-first, with the sword held past his head.  Although it is a very damaging move, it's also a rather slow one in comparison to his other moves.  However, he can interrupt the move at any time he pleases before hitting the ground.  This sword dive is different from the traditional sword dive, which has you falling feet first with the sword below, but it functions exactly the same.

Enhanced Spin Attack

A sword-only  move that has become even stronger due to mastery.  Xenom pulls his sword back, and lets out a powerful spin attack, with an extra wave stretching its range to almost twice the given sword's length.  It works well as a powerful counter to opponents who like to attack just outside of Xenom's ordinary range.

Weakened Sword Beam

Xenom learned this ability on his own, but, in his young age, is not yet able to control it at full-power, resulting in a weaker and slower Sword Beam. See here  for a full description of the Sword Beam.

Maximum Sword Flurry

This is one of Xenom's greatest attacks, and is a strong finishing attack. Xenom deals slash after slash in strikingly quick fashion, ending with an uncharged spin attack (no added shockwave), and a double uppercut.


Xenom, for as long as he could remember, had no family of his own.  Being taken in by the Dark Auras for his lack of an element, he will do whatever possible to help them.  As young as he is, he does not understand what the Dark Auras are after, but is convinced that it is for a good cause.  He looks up to them as his family, in replacement of the one he doesn't recall having.

...That is, until Terra, Meta Knight, and Sapphire came along and fought him.  The three made it clear to Xenom that he was not actually fighting for a good cause.  Turns out, the Dark Auras had lied to him about the elementals, telling him that they were pretty much evil.  It took a lot for him to realize that the Dark Auras didn't actually care for him, but rather for his fighting skills.  Although Xenom never did officially join the DMR, everyone is happy to consider him a member, regardless.


Xenom is incredibly hyper, and has trouble taking anything seriously.  He treats battles, even against fierce enemies, like some sort of game.  This can cause him to be extremely careless at times and leave himself extremely vulnerable.  However, no matter who he happens to be fighting, he treats them with an odd sense of respect, always complimenting their battle skills throughout the fight.  Purely optimistic and always smiling, he looks forward to anything that might happen.

Even his optimism has limits, though, and when the world finally comes down upon him (especially in the instance he was shown that the Dark Auras truly didn't care for him at all), his whole attitude turns around.  He's not one to approach during this time, but it is also in these moments that Xenom will reveal the most about himself. In his young age, he typically can come off as brattish when he gets as upset as he does.

Relationships with Other Characters


Xenom fought against Terra in a one-on-one, initially believing him to be evil simply for being an elemental (Dark Aura influence).  However, after the battle, when Terra attempted to protect Xenom from Nethwine in the following battle that ensued, it was clear to him that Terra actually wished to help him.  As time went on, Xenom started to get closer to Terra as he practiced with the Star Warrior, eventually considering him as family.


As Nethwine was one of Xenom's superiors, he always had held a high regard for the fellow Dark Aura.  Even after he realized the Dark Auras were lying to him, it wasn't until the battle between Nethwine and Terra that he found out just how vicious and brutal his superior could be.  He went from loving Nethwine to hating him, especially after he was used for nothing more than cannon fodder in the battle.


Xenom had never quite known the brother-sister pair from the Dark Aura cult, but was very much aware of them.  When the group finished fighting the two, however, it was clear that they wanted out of the cult, and were actually forced into it.  Xenom wishes to help them keep from having to continue working for the Dark Auras, and is ready to do whatever it takes for that to happen.


Xenom acts somewhat similarly to Neon in his recklessness, so it is only appropriate that they get along quite well. He enjoys Neon's fast pace with everything he does, and is rarely ever bored in his company.



  • Xenom is actually left-handed.
  • Xenom is also the name of a brand of laptops (Don't believe me?  Look it up.).  Obviously, this is nothing more than a simple coincidence, but it's fun to point out.
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