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white Flant
Element Fire/Mirror
Weapon Boom Stick
Holograph Gauntlets
Age 16
Birthday September 22
Gender Male
Species Popopo
Home Central Isle
Affiliation Dark Matter Resistance*
Aliases The Crystal Hero
Voiced by Danny Rice
Debut The Adventures of White

White is the main character of the AoW series, the legendary Crystal Hero, and the founder of the Dark Matter Resistance.


White is a, well, white Popopo with black feet and red eyes. He has small diamond-shaped cheekmarks, as well as thin red gauntlets (if you can even call them that; they resemble netting more than anything else) on his hands. He usually wears a dark red backpack, which covers up a large scar on his back. He also seems to be a quite a bit shorter than most people his age, and is usually pretty annoyed when people bring it up. As of AoW:UG, he also has a small scar across his eye, although it doesn't seem to affect his vision at all.


White, as a fire/mirror elemental, is capable of forming both flames (to burn things (duh)) and small mirrors (to reflect most projectiles) whenever he may need them. However, his abilities don't stop even close to there, as with the Crystal Artifacts he's capable of much more than that, being able to use each artifact in combination with each other. He's also capable of forming holographic objects with his gauntlets, and while they don't actually do anything physically, they make for good distractions.


White was born and raised in Sky City. When he was 3 years old, Dark Matter invaded Sky City, and kidnapped his parents. Since then, he's been raising himself and his younger brother, Blue. He's been running his parents' weapon shop, and has made many of his friends through fighting in the Sky City Tournies. At age 7, he found the pieces of - and formed - the Boom Stick, the weapon he uses more than anything at this point. Later that year, he founded the Dark Matter Resistance, with help from his friends Red, Orange, and Yellow.

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White isn't what most people would imagine a hero to be - shy, low self-esteem, not exactly the nicest guy 100% of the time. However, he does whatever he can to help anyone in need, regardless of what he gets out of it. Although he tries to make allies when meeting new people, most of his actions usually just come off as awkward to the point of being comical. He also has a really bad habit of forgetting stuff.

As far as fighting goes, White's personality changes almost entirely - he pretty much uses illusion to his advantage, making mirror clones to make people think they're fighting him, as well as using his gauntlets to make holographic shields and such (making foes think they'll hit something but won't actually).

Relationships with Other Characters


It's not hard to imagine that White and Blue fight. A lot. They'll still hang out and stuff, but half the time they're arguing over some petty thing where the argument is lasting a lot longer than it should be. However, it's still evident that they have some form of brotherly love for each other, as they each go out of their way to help the other if they're in a sticky situation.


White...can't really imagine life without Niobi. He loves her to bits, and does everything in his power to keep her out of harm's way (even if he knows that she can fend for herself). However, he tends to beat himself up over it if he manages to let her get hurt any.


White is very well aware of Skyla's crush on him (despite not really knowing what lengths she'd go to be with him), and doesn't see it as much to make a situation awkward, as the two still remain as really good friends. In some of White's journal entries seen as extras in most of the games, a few of the entries reveal that White may return the feelings in some form. However, this has yet to truly be confirmed or denied.


White is also completely aware of Angie's feelings for him (despite her eventually falling for Black instead), but unlike in Skyla's case, doesn't return them in any form. He still tries to talk to her and stuff whenever he gets a chance, but as she's not usually in Zolara, that isn't that often.

The Lucky Seven

These guys, when together, are pretty much the most ridiculous team you'll ever find when they're not on missions. They've all been best friends since their first adventure, and have since formed The Lucky Seven, since there are...well, seven of them. The "Lucky" part is a bit debatable, though.


White and Beige go together like peanut butter and jelly. They get along famously, and are oftentimes accidentally saying the exact same thing at the exact same time. While White may care more for Niobi's safety than Beige's, this is mostly because he knows Beige can fend for herself most of the time.


These two aren't exactly on the best terms. They're constantly arguing, usually try to ignore the fact that the other even exists, and see most things as a competition against the other person, but will occasionally help out the other. The only reason they don't constantly try to kill each other is because that would mean the end of both of them; if White dies, Black dies too, and vice versa.





White actually sees Tempest as more of a rival than anything else. He always makes a ton of sly remarks whenever he encounters her, and during their fights he points out that he's going easy on her, despite clearly winning most of the time. However, he knows she's perfectly capable of killing him fairly easily, and still holds some sense of respect for her in that regard.




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