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These are the new weapons in The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula. Much like characters, almost all past weapons return. There are several new weapon categories, as well.

Character-Specific Weapons

Any weapons made specifically for any given character(s). They may have special aspects exclusive to it.

Metal Horns: These are actually part of Taurus's head. He can use them to ram enemies.

Diamond Star: A large glaive-like ninja star made of pure diamond. Beige only uses it because it's shiny, though...

Imperial Flail: A flail that can make lightning strike pretty much anywhere. You know that's not good when the hands it falls to are Val's...

Moon Bomb: Captain Dee isn't very good at hand-to-hand combat. But, with these, he can send enemies flying sky-high.

Animal Claws: Like Tauros, these weapons are actually part of Cotenya's body. He can scratch with them rather than slashing, and they make him run faster.

Knockbane: A legendary sword that's been passed down through generations of Ivory Knight's family. It has extreme knockback.

Mirror of Truth: The same mirror that not only did Gaia use against you when you first met her back in the Goldacre Forest, but caused the creation of Black himself. It can duplicate anything in its way, except enemies.

Jeitian Wrench: Little do many people know that despite being first met by the DMR at Mount Trevos, Zisel actually lives in Jeitia. She is able to throw this wrench at enemies, and solve mechanical-based puzzles.

Missile Bow: The main weapon of Sky City's "goddess" Jayrus, it is a bow that can launch pretty much anything as a projectile. This includes other people, friend or foe, so be careful.

Night Nunchuks: Magne's brother Alum's equivalent to the Nova Scythe, it is a set of nunchuks that can temporarily blind enemies.

Ultra Edge and Shield: An edge - complete with shield - that can shoot pure plasma. Nothing is too good for the "Godly Fighter", aka Prisima.

Cleaving Cutlass: The weapon Jack uses for the short time before his tragic death, it's a blade that can cut through almost anything.

Angel Staff: After Jack comes back as an angel, he gains a new weapon: the Angel Staff. It turns almost all enemies to your side.

Gun Pack: A backpack with turrets sticking out of it, which Indigo really only uses to keep his stuff in. It shoots like a normal gun, but acts as a spare storage unit.

Roulette Kickdiscs: A set of kickdiscs that Rov has used for years. They put a random effect on enemies.

Damaged Spear: A spear used by a resident of the Negative Nebula, Lorne, who took a certain...interest in Icaadan at first sight. It works similarly to the Jeitian Spear, and can be thrown farther, but it does less damage.

Flora Bow: A bow that Niobi's little sister Eclair found in a very natural-looking domain. It shoots small buds, which sprout into toxic plants, which poison enemies.

Hyper Darts: A set of darts used by the captain of Hades' guard, Snare. They act much like normal darts, but can be charged for a little bit, and do DEVASTATING damage afterwards.

Future Staff: A staff used by the time traveler, Uto. It acts much like an upgraded Boom Stick, which when combined with the facts that Uto looks like White with legs and markings on his arms and forehead, as well as the fact that he can travel through time, leads people to believe that he's actually the future version of White. O_O

Clockwork Boomerang: A cog-shaped boomerang used by the sole survivor of the attacks on Novia City, Angie. It acts much like a cross between Blue's Nova Scythe and your typical boomerang. It also makes a nice headpiece!

Telepearls: Hoarding a bunch of Telepearls (the things NZs drop) does have its benefits, as shown by Anken's main weapon. He can obviously teleport around with them.

Demon Staff: A staff made from the blood of Gold's enemies, it has a lifesteal aspect, but it damages you to use the projectile.

Mummy's Curse: Tutt uses this to attack, rather than a weapon. Any enemy touched by Tutt when he uses the attack is constantly damaged until being defeated.

Gravity Gun: A gun stolen from the Black Mesa Research Facility by Lars. It can lift enemies up, carry them around, and launch them with ease.

Lava Kickdiscs: A pair of kickdiscs formed out of pure lava, worn by Spaie. They have a fire aspect. I would have never guessed! </sarcasm>

Binary Staff: A staff used by Tefaque, with a digital feel to it. It sends out blotches of numbers (specifically only 0 and 1), which stick to enemies, keeping them down.

Soulsuck Orbitars: A set of demonic orbitars that suck in souls. Larneir kinda creeps me out...but with those... *shivers*

Bark Club: A club made out of pure bark. It's kinda weak to the touch, which is why I wonder how Barcley manages with using it all the time.

Scepter Staff: A normal staff. Nothing special about it. Albus must have been confused when he picked this thing up or something.

Time Staff: A staff that controls time. At least Senivi has a better taste in weaponry than Albus...

Neon Bow: A bow that shoots neon arrows that leave flammable trails behind them. Now that's a weapon! Mad props to Zedre!

Cosmic Wand: A wand made for Rose by some star-like race from the cosmos. It allows her to float, which is a huge plus, and it shoots Star Bits. It's a huge waste of money, in my opinion.

Pure Rage: This is actually what both Ruffava the Halcandran Bronto Burt and Wolkof the Scarfy use to fight. It works similar to any given Snooter, in which they charge at you out of pure anger.

New Spear: A spear used by Cleo, that came straight out of the sheath...or package...or whatever you get spears from! Due to its newness, it does more damage than usual, and pierces defenses.

Hidden Blades: Blades hidden underneath Kronos's hands. They act like a doubled version of the Assassin Knife from our first adventure.

Vine Whip: A whip made out of a vine. Leornius isn't exactly the most creative. But it's good for swinging from things!

Necro Halberd: A giant halberd that Tri uses to suck the life out of enemies, which heals him. It's actually kinda creepy, when you think about it... Don't expect me to go messing with Tri anytime soon.

Wheelie Bike: A plain old Wheelie Bike. Sprix uses it as her main weapon, for whatever reason. It works like the Wheelie Scooter, with two main differences: It's faster, but doesn't jump as high.

X-Ray Goggles: A pair of goggles worn by Quantom. You can see through the ground with them, revealing hidden objects and such.

Boxing Gloves: A pair of boxing gloves worn by one of the world's best boxers, Mack. While they don't seem like much, they give you a HUGE speed and attack boost. Not to mention the words of encouragement coming from Louis!

Third Tome: A tome labeled with an insignia with a 3 in it, giving the book its name. Violette uses it to make the most impossible things happen in an instant.

Harpoon: A simple fishing harpoon, used by ocean-wanderer Captain Salty. It can be shot at enemies, latch onto them, and drag them in.

Flare Edges: A set of edges that Leah was born to use. Literally! They act much like any other edges, but with a fire aspect.

Vacuum Arm: An arm that Bren crafted himself from a leftover vacuum, it sucks in enemies; especially ghost-type enemies. It's really funny watching the occasional event that he gets sucked into it himself.

Tar Claws: A set of claws made out of pure tar. How Checkers manages to stand the stickiness of them, I have no clue. They use this stickiness to their advantage; their projectiles don't have very good range, but enemies are stuck in their tracks after they're hit.

Carbonite Cannon: A cannon that shoots balls of pure carbon. I'm not sure how it works, but obviously Reese has gotten by with it.

Emerald Pick: A pickaxe used by Pixes to perform his profession of mining. It has a looting aspect, but isn't very powerful. I'd recommend attacking enemies to low HP with someone else, and having Pixes clean up.

Aura Whip: A whip that Luna's father picked up for her early on as a child. She's used it to this day, and it's proved to be quite useful. It works like a normal whip, but does more damage the more HP she's lost.

Seed Bullets: Seeds that Sonan shoots out of his...mouth. Weird, I know, but he's got amazing rapid-fire.

Emerald Shurikens: Isle Ordnaf is known for two minerals, one of which Trayaurus harvested to make shurikens: arumite, and emerald. These have a looting aspect.

Smash Saber: What was once a former Smash Weapon was replaced by the Smash Cutlass, and the saber was discarded. Now, Taennath uses it to her full advantage. It works like an advanced version of the Smash weapons.

Huntress Blade: A blade used by Zalia to hunt with ease. It has a long range, but isn't very powerful.

Beast Claws: These work almost exactly like the Animal Copy Ability. That ability is fun to use, so it's no wonder Purrley likes using it.

Sharkfin Edges: A set of edges that are actually part of the body of Finn, the guy with a really cliché name. They do super-fast combos.

Amethyst Whip: Somehow, Grabby managed to convince Etihw to make this for him. Now, he's using it against him! It can grab nearby items (like all whips), and has increased range the more damage you take.

Tele Blades: These blades that Mito wields are actually more like edges than anything. They allow him to teleport, and almost duplicate your loot!

Kaiserium Shurikens: Some shurikens that were made specifically for Pludo by none other than White himself. They have a lifesteal aspect on them.

Bat Orbitars: These just completely bring out the goth in Dracard. They're a pair of orbitars that are shaped like little bats. They can drain energy from enemies, but it's not a lifesteal aspect.

Pure Rage: This is actually what both Wolkof the Scarfy and Ruffava the Halcandran Bronto Burt use to fight. It works similar to any given Snooter, in which they charge at you out of pure anger.

Iron Claws: Just plain old claws...of course Netrue gets the short end of the staff. They just act as you'd expect normal claws to.

Biowhip: Fai uses this whip all the time, with the outcome always being random.

Heal Cap: This cap, which Lumi prefers to keep to himself, can heal pretty much anyone. However, it makes you very sleepy.

Amazon Shield: A shield made by Cala, for Cala, it looks shiny enough to reflect anything. (Hint, hint.)

Pure Speed: Cocoa doesn't really fight, as much as he does solve puzzles. With his fast speed and small stature, he's ready to do pretty much anything!

Camo Suit: A suit that allows Arn to hide in nothingness. However, it must be really awkward to get into, considering that Arn is a Gordo...

Iron Shurikens: A set of shurikens the same color as Silver. They don't do much, but can be thrown much faster than most. Maybe Netrue's Iron Claws actually do do something...

Heartstring Wand: A wand with a dragon heartstring core, Draco picked it out himself. It works similarly to the Phoenixcore Wand.

Rossian Axe: An axe made in the village right below the Negative Wasteland, known as Rossia. Naeyrar lives there, and is actually the local blacksmith. The axe works similarly to how Jeitian weapons work.

Rossian Daggers: A set of daggers that Posas bought to protect herself, if need be. They work almost identically to the Jeitian Daggers.

Mind Bow: A bow that was made for Lirtson by Nachalor, a weapon-maker from a distant dimension (also known as Zolara, as Lirtson is from the Negative Nebula itself). It works similarly to Jack's Angel Staff, but is more projectile-based.

Mirror Glaive: A glaive made out of pure mirrorine glass by Mari. It reflects attacks, and returns to you after being thrown.

Spark Bombs: Squeakers are usually known for carrying bombs as their main arsenal, and Tytol is no exception. The only difference is that his have an electricity aspect.

Treble Badge: A badge worn by Trif, which he uses to attack, as he has no arms, being a...*looks up the species name*...Dingle?! HAHAHAHAHAH!! I can never take that guy seriously again!

Spiny Shell: A shell - akin to that of turtles - that Larite has on his back at all times. It's got spikes, so you can spin around in it.

Iron Boots: A set of normal iron boots, worn by Kornea. But, get this: He can add various elements to his attacks with them, making them more powerful against different enemies!

Subspace Arm: An arm made from Subspace, for the solitary nice Subspace Spawn, Tol. It can suck in smaller enemies, and sends them to some random place in the Subspace Mines.

Pirate Cannon: Yarr, this be Nascrow's cannon! Keep yer filthy mitts off! This be too powerful for yer own good!

Ninja Katana: A katana used by Rahea. It doesn't do much out of the ordinary, though. Except look coo-- Oh, hey Rahea! I was just looking at your katana! ...What're you doing with that sword? Don't get any funny ide-- *TRANSMISSION END*

Nightmare Orbitars: A set of orbitars that inflict nightmares on the victims. ...Blare kinda creeps me out.

Iron Hammer: A hammer Zonae bought at a pawn shop. It makes him a whole hell of a lot slower, but what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in power.

Dual Blades: A set of twinblades that combine into one, not too different from Deo's. Kortana has always been known to be a copytac, but this...this is just weird.

Radioactive Kickdiscs: A pair of kickdiscs with radioactive waste inset in them. How Lorena stands it, I dunno. They melt away at enemies, similar to acid.

Heart Twinblades: A set of twinblades that form a heart when combined together. They tend to confuse enemies in romance. I personally have better things to do than pay attention to Amarill's mushy love stuff. ...Great, now she's got me thinking of Niobi again!

Portal Discs: A set of blue-and-orange discs that Coie uses to transport around. In one, and out the other. Now he's thinking with portals!

Moon Staff: A staff used by Vint. Even Magne could guess that it's from the moon. It has a gravity aspect, meaning it launches enemies up when it hits them.

Coral Staff: A staff used by Vint's sister Morella. It's made out of pure coral, and attacks with blobs of water that can put fires out.

Machete Claws: A set of claws made out of machetes. White made them for Maiketio, but if they sound like overkill now, trust me: at one point, they were completely terrifying.

Energy Arm: An arm that looks to be made out of arumite. It was found by Harnes in - get this - SPACE. ...That sounded a lot cooler in my head. Anyway, it shoots plain energy shots.

Creation Pen: A pen that Cular likes to doodle with. He can draw in allies to fight for him. Without the pen, though...he's a pretty weak dude.


Weapons that shoot from far distances, at the cost of getting weaker the farther they go.

Gemstone Bow: A bow made entirely out of crystals. It shoots arrows tipped with diamond, which have a looting aspect.

Plasma Bow: A bow that shoots little plasma bullets. These can be shot in rapid fire, and...*sigh* electrocute enemies...

Landia Bow: A bow that shoots 4 flaming arrows at once. I got it in another dimension...if you know what I mean.

Sniping Bow: A bow that allows you to aim for enemies from a long distance away, and hide behind things.

Flamer Bow: A bow which shoots 8 flaming arrows that finds an enemy and shoots it. It goes a long distance aswell.

Sling Bow: A bow that isn't actually a bow. Rather, it's a slingshot that shoots small pellets that launch in a scattershot.

Assassin's Crossbow: A spring powered projectile that can equip a variety of special crossbow bolts. They can explode, put enemies to sleep, set down razor-based traps... It's power is boosted when paired with the Zoom Skull.

Melody Bow: A sapphire-colored harp-like bow. Its attacks do barely any damage, but home in on enemies and can hypnotise some of the weaker ones.


Weapons that shoot fairly long distances, but can only shoot in a straight line.

Super Scope: A gun modeled after that one really bad-selling NES accessory. It has the best rapid fire in the game, and can charge up, too.

Clown Bazooka: A gun that shoots flaming bowling pins that induce fire damage... What even is this.

Phazon Scattershot: A gun that White snagged from the Aether. (No, not the normal one, a different one.) It's pretty much just a scattershot.

Sticky Jumper: A strange gun paired with an old longsword. The gun's projectile attack launches a bunch of sticky bombs that deal absolutely no damage, but knock yourself and enemies into the air. Odd, but under the right circumstances, possibly useful...

Turret: A turret that can be stuffed with your element, allowing for differentiation between people. However, if you have no element, you can try out the pack of cannonballs it comes with...

Balloon Blaster: A gun that shoots out balloons. They go a distance, but you have to blow the balloon up with a pump built into the gun. And they do less damage the farther they go, so they're better for close-range combat.

Neon Flare: A gun that shoots out bright neon flare bombs. These explode into flames on contact. A very nice light show indeed.

Vacuum Gun: A small shotgun that can suck up projectiles to turn it into ammo for the gun. It is one of the fastest guns in Techtropolis, and was originally made by Uto before he gave the blueprints to White.

Volcano Blaster: A gun that can shoot smoldering rock at foes. This sticks to any surface it hits, and burns any foe that touches it.

Ice Harpoon: A harpoon imbued with ice-like energy. When fired at foes, it freezes them, as well as the fact that it can strike a whole row of enemies with ease.


Weapons that usually exchange range for speed, and can come in many different forms, the most common being a sword.

Silver Axe: An axe made out of pure silver. It has a looting aspect. I bought it from some raccoon in an apron somewhere...

Kracko Blade: A blade designed after a spiky cloud. It can shoot beams, and... electrocute enemies...

Gear Blade: A blade made out of leftover gears, that looks extremely badass, indeed.

Flarebringer: A blade that White borrowed from one of his good friends. It has a fire aspect, and can light even the smallest things into a bonfire.

Wikstrom Sword: A blade that is mostly used for aesthetics. It is, however, fairly powerful.

Ender Blades: A hilt with three blades attached to it. It lets youteleport, and does triple the normal damage.

Energy Saber: A saber made of pure energy. What the heck did you expect?!

Slime Blade: Eww! It's so slimy! But, it does make for a good jump boost...

Bananium Blade: White tends to get a lot of swords when on adventures with his friends, for some reason. This one is no exception. It does double the normal amount of damage.

Quartz Hatchet: A small axe that is extremely sharp. It can cut through most objects.

Master's Sword: YOU GOT THE THING. This sword acts a lot like any other sword alone (disregarding the fact that it adds a spin attack to your moves), but when combined with the Master's Armor, you can shoot a beam out of it!

Silver Blade: A rough blade that White found in the Dimensional Lost and Found. (And yes, that's a thing.) It has not only a fire aspect, but a looting aspect as well.

Zenithian Sword: A sword of unknown past, it deals damage, without considering any defense points. So, if you slash at an enemy with no armor, and an enemy with lots of armor, it'll do the same damage.

Missingno: A blade that glitches enemies up, as well as has the capability to be upgraded, allowing for even more glitchiness! Yay!

Grass Blade: A blade made out of pure grass and leaves. It curls up on your arm when you're not using it, so you don't have to go carrying it everywhere; you can actually wear it!

Acid Blade: A giant acidic blade that Icaadan practically pulled out of his ass after the loss of his youngest brother to the Negative Alliance. It simply burns through any enemies as though they were butter.

Double-Edged Knife: A knife with two, count 'em, two, blades on it. That makes for double the damage!

Destraya: A legendary blade that was passed down from generation to generation, through murder theft. It has magical capabilities, but it takes a while to learn them, so I'd just use it as a normal sword for now.

Dark Matter Blade: A blade forged by the Dark Matter Army, and just like the Destraya, was stolen by White. It has a dark attribute to it, which pretty much acts like a lifesteal aspect.

Cutter Blade: A blade based mostly on the blade that you receive from the Cutter Copy Ability. You can slash really quickly with it, and throw it, too!

Ender Sickle: A sickle imbued with end stone. It lets you teleport, and pick up the earth around you.

Titanfeller: An old sword wielded by people who rode atop giant Waddle Dees or something. Who cares. The point is, it's power increases when used against giant enemies (except bosses). It also comes with a nifty grappling hook that makes mobility a breeze.

Light Sword: A golden sword which shines brightly. With this sword, you can not only jab, slice and twirl, but you can shoot blasts of light too. It came with a mysterious green fruit...

Wind Kunai: A kunai infused with the power of wind by White. They move a lot farther and deal wind damage.

Sun Axe: A axe formed from a solar flare. It has a fire aspect and launches a fireball every time it is swung. It does extra damage when paired up with the Solar Cape.

Lockbreaker: Is it a key, or is it a sword? Nobody knows - it hurts their brains just thinking about it. This little weapon allows the user to bypass any locks without needing the required key. It also grants access to limited elemental magic.

Blades of Chaos: Forged in the pits of the Underworld, these blades are a deadly reminder of some guy's past. ...At least that's what the package said. Some god of war of sorts... Anyway, they act somewhat like the Swing Cutter, but with both hands, allowing for some wicked combos.

Combust Blade: A hilt that can excrete combustible gas from one side, and release a flaming blade on the other side. Use these in combination, and watch everything go BOOM!

Cloudrake Knife: A small knife made from a small Cloudrake Fang. It is very fast, and creates small bursts of wind as a projectile. It can also blow away small projectiles, such as the fireballs from the Phoenix boss or the small bubbles from the Shower Genies.


Weapons that explode in different ways on contact. They are usually thrown.

Heart Bomb: A bomb that explodes into a bunch of little hearts. And Callor better not make any jokes about me and Niobi with this, either...

Vapor Bomb: A bomb that can completely obliterate areas of water with ease. It also does a lot of damage to aquatic foes.

Healer Bomb: A bomb that heals anything and anyone in a certain distance. It damages undead enemies, though.

Pepper Spray Bombs: Bombs that, when they explode, release pepper spray that damages opponents over time. Ouch.

Bomb Spray: A strange bomb that releases explosive foam onto enemies. It can then explode. Again. It deals extra damage when paired with the Crusader's Cowl.

Bomb Box: A box filled with explosives. Certain people can send it rolling, light it on fire, and watch it blast people sky high.

Bumpety Bomb: A explosive bomb on wheels that follows you around like a pet. It chases down enemies and will explode if it makes contact with a enemy or fire. Don't worry, though, because when it explodes, it drops all the ingredients needed to make another Bumpety Bomb. ^-^

Hypnosium Grenade: A bomb made of pure hypnosium, which (obviously) can hypnotize enemies. I never would have guessed.

Wearable Weapons

Any kind of weapon that is worn on a character. Location on the body doesn't matter in this case.

Tele Pendant: A pendant that allows you to move objects...WITH YOUR MIND!! Oh, and you can throw enemies around, too.

Head Lamp: Similar to the one Captain Dee wears, it is a hat with a lamp on it. Not much to explain.

Spring Shoes: A pair of shoes that make you jump higher. It's like a trampoline!

Dimensional Cap: An exact replica of the hat that Dimentus wears. It allows you to have all the powers of Dimentus!

Scary Mask: A mask that looks a lot like a certain psycho jester's mask... It scares enemies away.

Gravity Boots: A pair of boots that can either keep you down underwater, or make you jump really high. It's more of what you want than anything else.

Water Pack: A backpack made in Isle Delfino, it can shoot water forward, let you fly using the water as a hose upward, and run extremely fast.

Beanie: A hat with a little propeller on top, that allows you to fly slowly and catch onto drifts. It's not very stylish, but it works.

Master's Armor: YOU GOT ANOTHER THING. This armor can only be gotten if you fuse the Master's Sword and the Master's Shield together. Alone, it halves your damage, but with either one of the other Master weapons, it adds to their arsenal.

Light Amulet: An amulet that smells somewhat of acorns...for whatever reason. It does what it sounds like: It lights up dark areas, and does high damage to dark enemies.

Thief Mask: A black mask that only covers the area around your eyes. It lets you steal enemies' forms of attack, and use them against them. But be warned: it only works when the enemy uses some form of combat that isn't hand-to-hand.

Magnet Crown: A crystal crown that is divided into two colors: red and blue. It pretty much acts as a wearable gravity element.

Meta Pack: A backpack with little wingies installed on the sides. You can fly with them, as well as gliding slightly above the ground, to gain more speed.

Camo Ring: A ring that turns you invisible. That's literally it. No other fancy gimmicks or anything.

Odd Scarf: A purple scarf that seems to have a mind of it's own. It attacks enemies of it's own accord, meaning the wearer only needs to worry about dodging.

Blindfold: This seems like a waste of effort - I mean, it renders the user almost completely blind, relying on nothing but hearing and smell to "see". However, when worn in combination with the Ashen Staff, it allows the user to engulf themselves in flames, boosting their power and agility at the cost of a little health per second.

Imaginary Crown: A crown proclaiming the wearer to be a king of roleplaying and the lord of... yeah this is just empty air, isn't it? The power of the imagination of the "wearer" allows him or her to replicate the effects of random character weapons.

Vanish Cap: A weird cap made by Boos that allows you to turn invisible and attack enemies from behind.

Frost Cap: A hat that makes you immune to ice attacks and float in the air. Only downside is that you take double damage from fire attacks.

Fairy's Wings: Cute little pink insect wings. They not only look adorable on most Popopos (imagine Shade wearing these, though... o_o'), but they also grant better aerial maneuverability and boost the power of most bows.

Black Scarf: A tattered black scarf. Oddly, it gives you the power to blast blue energy and move slightly quicker. It came with a burned photo of a blue creature...

Foam Glove: Go team! This odd choice hits very quickly, but is extremely weak. It boosts the power of your allies in multiplayer, though, so that's definitely in team spirit.

Crusader's Cowl: A black mask used by comic star Nighthook the TAC. Boosts the power of certain weapons when worn with them. Plus, on the right person, it looks so DRAMATIC.

Solar Cape: A cape used by Nighthook's rival, Inarazi the NZ. Boosts the power of certain weapons when worn with them. It also makes the right person feel EPIC. Plus, every moon needs a sun, right?

Attorney's Cut: OBJECTION!! Your Honor... do you recognize this wig? That's right, it's the wig that allows the wearer to shout enemies out of action with a bellowing "HOLD IT"!!

Zoom Skull: A mask made of metal that allows one to look at enemies from afar and scope out their weak points. It boosts the power of certain weapons.

Light Boots: A pair of shoes that let you boost forward at high speeds. Doing this through a Speed Ring would probably make you not run anymore. O.O

Floro Sprout: A small plant that you wear on your head. It's kinda useless, for the most part. Though it does make for a good disguise in some cases...

Chilly Armor: A suit of mystical armor that is made of ice and snow. The armor nullifies damage from enemies with a icy aspect, and even allows you to freeze water and skate on it!

Dragoon Armor: A suit of armor that used to be owned by a dragoon from a faraway planet called Eorzea. The armor nullifies fire damage, as well as nullifying damage from lava. Spelunkers love this armor, as it allows them to dig below the lava to the center of the planet.

Freezerburn Gloves: A pair of gloves with two separate elements; the right glove is fire, the left ice. Combining the two leaves one as quite impressive indeed...for a mere mortal.

Flight Suit: A suit that can release to give you wing-like appendages between your arms and legs. This can be used to fly all over the place, really. You just gotta get a fast enough start.

Gatling Gauntlet: This glove acts similarly to a grappling gun, allowing you to reach high places. You can also shoot out your hand as an attack.

Tackle Cape: This cape makes your tackling 3000% done better for some reason. Might as well make the most of it.

Rainbow Suit: This rare suit makes you fly quickly. You cannot stop flying, unless you want to charge up a rainbow blast.

F.L.A.I.M.: Standing for Flash Lava Automatic Incineration Machine, this pack is worn around your shoulders, and can do a variety of things, including become a jetpack, shoot fire at foes, and let you jet forward at extreme speeds. It, however, does need fuel...but you can just jump in a lava pool to do that. ...Right...?


Weapons that are slammed on the ground, crushing any enemies underneath. They can also be swung around, but lower your speed.

Gravity Hammer: A hammer that launches enemies backward when you hit them with it. However, it is pretty bulky, so if you don't want to go slower, I'd choose something else.

Throwing Hammer: A hammer that acts a lot like the weapon of someone I know. *coughcoughscoutcoughcough* Anyway, it can be thrown from far distances, but there's two cons of having it: it does less melee damage than most hammers, and you have to go pick it up once you throw it.

Prism Hammer: A large hammer made out of a light prism. It reflects attacks, and has a high critical hit rate.

Skull Hammer: A hammer found in the ruins of what appear to be a fortress. It causes small bone-like projectiles to come out of the hammer and go across the ground every time you use it.

Otsuchi: A big ancient hammer from, you guessed it, Japan. It's really heavy, but makes up for it in sheer power.


Weapons that float above you and shoot energy blasts. They usually come in pairs.

Phase Orbitars: A pair of orbitars, one shaped like the sun, one the moon. Shooting with the sun orbitar burns enemies, while the moon orbitar slashes enemies.

Frenzy Orbitars: A set of orbitars shaped like plain purple orbs, with the mouth of a Nega Wisp implanted on it. They make you go a bit crazy, but you do triple the normal amount of damage.

Zap Orbitars: We don't actually have that bad of a problem with electric weapons this time around. Anyway, this is a pair of orbitars shaped like lightning bolts. They can create an electrical shield around you, which protects you from enemies.

Planetary Rings: This is actually one gigantic orbitar that floats around you. It hurts any enemies that touch it, and can drag nearby items in.

Wind Orbitars: A set of orbitars shaped like balls of wind. They blow enemies away. ...Generic weapon is generic.

Buoy Orbitars: A set of orbitars shaped like small buoys. They let you float on water, and bounce off of enemies.

Gordo Orbitar: An actual living Gordo that is tamed and orbits around you, blocking most physical attacks by opponents if they hit it and then countering with spikes.

Variant Orbitars: A set of orbitars that change aspects at random. Some are stronger against certain enemies, others...not so much.

Flareleaf Orbitars: A set of orbitars shaped like flaming leaves. And they shoot just that - flaming leaves. They go at high speeds, and burn enemies.


Weapons that can be held in front of you for defense, or can be slammed in front of you for offense.

Varentium Shield: A shield made out of pure varentium. It can block most attacks, and standing on it will let you float up, using the shield as a platform.

Sekatite Shield: A shield that is the negative counterpart to the Varentium Shield. It blocks most attacks, and can create an air bubble, for you to survive underwater.

Overthere Shield: A shield from a distant place in the sky. It reflects attacks from normal enemies. BUT! When a negative enemy attacks you, you take DOUBLE the normal damage!

Master's Shield: YOU GOT YET ANOTHER THING. This shield protects from most attacks, but when combined with the Master's Armor, it full-out reflects attacks.

Curry Shield: A plate of fine china that has gravity-defying Curry on it. It can absorb fire to create a ring of fire that can burn enemies trying to attack you. Also, don't eat the curry. It's too spicy for Popopokind.

Gemstone Shield: A shield made out of pure gems. It has a looting aspect, if you can manage to beat an enemy with it. ...Which is pretty easy when you take into consideration the melee attack of shields, which is slamming the shield on the foe's head.

Lightning Shield: A shocking shield made of thunder and steel. It deflects all electrical attacks, and can also reflect bolts of lightning from the sky at enemies. Beige has problems holding the shield because it keeps shocking her.


Weapons that can be swung all over the place, but slow you down significantly. They usually have no projectile attack.

Iceberg Club: A club made from tough ice, it increases your speed, but weakens your traction. It also freezes enemies.

Dolphin Club: A club made out of a stuffed toy dolphin. It allows you to swim in water very fast, somehow.

Juggalo's Bludgeon: One may become so bewitched by this war-hammer's beauty, they become unsure if they can wield it. It's powerful, but one must have a game over before the weapon's full power can be realized. And yes, it's really, really big. That's why it's a club and not a hammer.

Lighter's Lumber: A heavy piece of timber that can be ignited when hit with a fire attack, doubling it's strength. White sometimes wants to hide it in his (dog)house.

Water Club: A club that can put out fires, and make fire-related enemies simply fizzle out. It sounds painful, though...

Bell Club: A club that seems to be a homage to the Bell Copy Ability. It can fire sound waves that resonate and bounce off of walls.

Caveman Club: This ancient club is a simple large wooden club covered in small sharp rocks that act as spikes, the weapon itself is very strong and powerful but it REALLY slows down the user.


Weapons that shoot from very far distances, but aren't very powerful.

Earthquake Staff: A staff that allows you to make the ground tremor, simply by waving it around. It's really heavy, though...

Wizardly Wand: A wand that can do many cool spells. A couple of them are quite humorous, but it has an enscription on the side of it: "Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus".

Portable Crystal Ball: A staff with a crystal ball on top. It's more of a melee staff, due to it having a looting aspect, but it can also see the future. Oooo...

Lightning Rod: A staff that can shoot electricity and protect from lightning attacks.

Palette Staff: A staff that shoots out multicolored paint, that slips enemies up. It also brings out that artist inside everyone, whether you're actually good at it or not.

Ashen Staff: A staff with palm marks burned into it like a handle. It has a fire aspect and excellent range, but tends to limit the user's vision by quite a bit. However, when worn in combination with the Blindfold, it allows the user to engulf themself in flames, boosting their power and agility at the cost of a little health per second.

Sceptre of Doom: A curious weapon. The user will die in a mere two hits and cannot be healed by most ordinary means, but can instantly defeat all enemies. This staff's effects are nullified during boss fights.

Sharp Staff: A very pointy staff. It doesn't do much projectile damage, but it skewers enemies hit with its melee attacks.

Glass Staff: A staff made out of pure glass. It reflects most attacks, but can be easily shattered. Just like the Glass Shield, but different.

Energy Staff: A staff that shoots energy beams made from pure nothing. It's one thing to make a weapon that shoots energy from your own powers, but pure nothing... o_o

Dragonrider Staff: A staff with opposite-facing hooks on each side. It allows you to grab onto ledges, as well as ride dragon-like foes. Seems fun, doesn't it?

Iron Staff: A staff made of a special variation of iron. You can summon iron to attack enemies, create iron platforms, and forge iron shields.


Weapons that act similar to blades, but go on each hand, and are much, much faster.

Cat Claws: A full set of claws that go on both your hands and feet. They let you scratch, rather than slash, and climb walls. Plus, you get this adorable bell around your neck! It's so cute!

Boomerang Claws: A set of claws made out of boomerangs. You can throw them. Nuff said.

Element Claws: A set of claws that represent the four main elements: water, earth, fire, and air. They perform a mix of the effects from each element.

Aermo Claws: A set of claws that not only cause fire damage, but blast enemies back with firecrackers. Very festive.

Cartoon Claws: A set of very cartoony-looking claws. You can scratch enemies with them, like a kat.

Dark Spines: A set of claws formed from rage, sadness, and hatred in some storybook about genies. Greatly boosts the wearer's speed, and allows him or her to stop time temporarily when they've gathered enough energy in the claws. Unfortunately, sometimes the wearer gets taken over by the emotions and becomes a little...brutal.

Thorns of Darkness: A pair of knitting needles infused with dark magic. They dropped in through some random portal. The wielder strikes quickly and powerfully, and their dark projectiles are powerful too. However, when an ally falls in multiplayer, the user's power greatly increases.

Claws.EXE: A pair of claws taken from a formerly-innocent psychotic murderer. They have devastating power, high defense, a lifesteal aspect, and a hypnotism aspect, but you go a bit crazy by using them...and by "a bit crazy", I mean turn into a psychotic murderer yourself. You can kill friends and foes alike with one slash.

Match Claws: A set of claws made of unused matches. Swipe them on the ground to light 'em up!

Energy Claws: A set of claws made from pure energy. They can shoot straight beams of energy, as well as perform amazing melee combos.

Psycho Bracelets: It's no use, calling these things claws - they're just bracelets. Their physical attacks do little damage, but can stun foes. The real force to be reckoned with is these bracelets' ranged attack - you can pick up enemies, obstacles, and solid-based projectiles, and then launch them across the screen at whatever you want to hit things with. It's extremely cool, fun, and creative. ... Oh, also, you can levitate a little.

Neko-Te: These claws were really famous for being used by Kunoichi, they stick your hand and cover your fingernails with small leather straps with long sharp spikes.


Weapons that are similar to beefed-up guns, and can shoot large blasts.

Super Beam Cannon: A cannon that White got from a friend of his. It shoots a constant stream of beams and will occasionally charge for a super beam attack.

Cataquack Cannon: A cannon that shoots out little Cataquacks. These, like many weapons seem to do, give you little helpers that attack enemies for you. In this case, the Cataquacks launch enemies into the air.

Subspace Cannon: A cannon that shoots pure Subspace. This sucks in most foes, and empties them out into somewhere in the Subspace Mines.

Soul Cannon: A cannon that White grabbed from the City of Souls when they went to save Jack. It shoots poor, defenseless, unfortunate souls...that possess enemies for you. =P

Cutter Cannon: A cannon that shoots cutter-like projectiles. The dev team of this game seems to be taking an interest in the Cutter Copy Ability...

Combustion Cannon: A cannon that fires of flurries of large flames. These stay on the ground for a short time before dissipating.

Laser Beam: It's a cannon that shoots lasers. Sounds standard, but it's damage output is acceptable and it can pass through walls, so it's a worthwhile addition to your arsenal. (If you can stand the decrease in jump height, that is... -_-')


Weapons that let you shoot energy blasts from your hands. Using them too much may sometimes result in loss of HP.

Garnet Palm: A palm that puts a gem mark on your hand. Not only does it have a looting aspect AND stun enemies, but it's stylish, too!

OU Gloves: A pair of palms that put a variety of marks on your hands. It shoots a lot of random stuff, and increases your melee strength.

Backstabber's Delight: This deceptive cufflink has a hidden knife in the wrist. Not only can you insta-kill enemies when you strike from behind, but you can also high-five buddies afterwards.

Canvas Palm: Much rainbow. With this palm, you lose your usual combat techniques, leaving you with a simple somersault attack. However, you can create platforms out of rainbow paint. That's cool, right?

Orochi Palm: A magical palm that gives you the mark of a 8-headed dragon. It has a fire aspect and can allow the user to do 8 jumps in the air after they jump every time they jump. It deal extra damage when paired up with the Solar Cape.

Rune and Heart: So this palm gives you a half-mechanical heart and the mark of some weird dark magic guy. And the heart talks to you. Gross, I know. But with it, you can also blast opponents with wind, summon a swarm of hungry rats, turn invisible, teleport, temporarily stop time, and more! It's power is boosted when paired with the Zoom Skull.

Majin the Palm: A extreme palm that gives the user the power of a creature that invokes the legend of the Inazuma. It gives you the power to grab any projectile, and throw it back at opponents at thrice the power. Each minute you use this palm, however, it drains 1/10th of the user. It is a great power with a great risk.


Weapons that go over your arm, and act similar to compact clubs. They do have a projectile attack, however.

Racket Arm: This racket-shaped arm looks weird at first, but enemies bounce off of it!

Code Arm: An arm designed after that of a cyborg kid. It lets you shoot gears, as well as form an electricity shield around yourself.

Suckerpunch Arm: An arm that gives you a boost that most weapons don't: An attack speed boost. It lets you attack much faster than normal with it.

Mossen Fist: A moss-covered stone glove that resonates with an odd wisdom. It's an extremely slow weapon, but also extremely powerful. It also allows the user to push the much larger enemies or huge blocks back.

Android Arm: A robotic device that attaches to your arm. It can do a variety of attacks and techniques, such as laser blasting, grapple hooks and a dagger. This also comes with a free database of computer knowledge installed into your hardrive brain.

The Hale-Storm: The burly arm of a hyper-intelligent Australian Popopo who runs some construction/demolition company in a desert. This arm grants high health, crazy power, and some wicked jumping, but enemies target you specifically, whether they're normally hostile or not, from A LOT farther away...

Power Glove: A gauntlet of the highest caliber when it comes to gaming. It deals megaton damage and stuns enemies rather often, but it can sometimes be a bit... unresponsive... when used by certain characters.


Weapons that can be swung around at high speeds, and are decently powerful.

Grapple Nunchuks: A pair of nunchuks that can grapple onto things.

Topaz Nunchuks: A pair of nunchuks that has an ice aspect, as well as a looting aspect. They also have the longest range of any nunchuks.

The Pizzaman: The nunchuks look pretty ordinary. The difference, though, is the orange mask. In the shadows, you're rendered practically unnoticeable. In combat, though, your string of awful puns make you anything but.

Emoticon Nunchuks: Who would have thought that something as dumb-looking as "=====~~~=====" would strike fast and deal electrical damage with each critical hit.

Goggle Nunchuks: A set of nunchuks shaped like broken goggles. They let you swim faster underwater, and can stretch quite a bit to reach farther.


Weapons that make for good melee strength and speed, and can be thrown for a good projectile.

Copter Spear: A spear borrowed from one of Deo's friends, it can be spun around fast enough to propel you into the air.

Time Spear: A spear that freezes time around it, allowing for quick getaways from large enemies. It also makes it easier when you're in a rush.

Pointed Stick: This odd choice is actually extremely effective against anything related to or even resembling fresh fruit, even if it is a little weak otherwise.

Comet Spear: A lance formed from the metal of a comet. It has a looting aspect and gives you the ability to reflect most projectiles. It also seems to be glowing blue.

Sphere Spear: A simplistic spear that can launch out small spheres of pure energy. Where it stores said energy, I have no clue.

Shock Spear: A powerful spear with electrical powers. One attack from the spear can be charged up to do more damage.

Spooky Scythe: A "spear" which wields more similarly to a blade. This odd weapon resonates scariness, grants a speed boost, and can even harvest a small percent of enemy life to restore your own with every defeat! It puts images of fire, ghosts, and skeletons into the user's mind, however.


Weapons that attach to your arms, and can be used to slash at foes. They don't have very strong projectile attacks, though.

Double Edge: An edge (there's only one on you) that can shoot a plasma beam. That's pretty much it.

Scythe Edges: A pair of edges that are shaped like the ends of scythes. They have a chance of dealing double damage.

Eagle Edges: A pair of edges that let you fly, as well as shoot feathers. Now that I look at it, it reminds me a lot of the Wing Copy Ability...hmm.

Straight Edges: A pair of edges that give you a speed boost, as well as shoot a projectile that travels in a straight line, hence the name.

Moon Edges: A pair of edges shaped like moons. They let you shoot cutter-like moon shots that daze enemies.

Checkmate Edges: A pair of edges that have chess pieces on the edges of them. These come off and take the form of the piece they are, and attack for you.

Stone Edge: "The user stabs the target with sharpened stones from below. Critical hits land more easily." At least, that's what the disc that it came on says.

Coconut Edge: A set of edges that are made of coconut shells. They launch coconut projectiles that ignore defense, but the actual weapon itself doesn't ignore defense.

Jet Edges: A pair of edges torn from the wings of a fighter jet. You can spin like a tornado and hover in the air. The only problem is that it might make you airsick.

Warlock Edges: A set of edges imbued in pure darkness. They allow you to reflect projectiles back at foes, and are more powerful during boss battles than at any other time.


Weapons that can be worn, and give you different abilities.

Duel Badge: A badge that makes you appear to have a large red glow around you. Any enemy you touch while wearing it will automatically be attacked.

Spine Badge: A badge that makes you immune to any and all spikes. It isn't very stylish, though...

Dedede Brooch: Some enemies can turn you into a trophy. In this form, you can't do anything until someone touches you. With this badge, you don't need anyone to get you, because you come out of trophy form automatically.

Art Badge: A badge shaped like a palette. It lets you perform an attack similar to the Paint Copy Ability.

Vitality Badge: A badge shaped like a small heart. It heals you as you walk, which makes for a good reason to exercise.

Flashy Badge: A badge that isn't that out of the ordinary, but will cause enemies to stare at it in awe. Probably because they never earned one of these as a kid.

Player's Pin: Wear the badge and, using it's psych techniques, get to the next safe zone. You have one hour. Fail, and face erasure. (This badge gives you tons of neat techniques, but players have to hop between safe zones before time runs out or else get a game over. Any player can restore the time limit by standing in the safe zone, pin or not.)

Memories of Rhyme: This pin was crafted from the memories of a young girl in an orange sweater and a black hat who was lost in an incident. Using it summons a flying weasel to assist you in combat. Well, technically the girl IS the weasel... It's confusing, okay?

Steam Badge: A badge shaped like a famous gaming store's insignia. However, it lets you produce actual steam, which puts out fires and burns things. Opposites attract, I guess.


Weapons that can be ridden in. They range from Wheelies to mechs. As long as you can ride in it, it's here.

Spider Mech: A mech in the shape of a spider. *shivers* It allows you to simply step over enemies, but can shoot crystals out if need be.

Free Star: An Air Ride Machine that nobody enjoys using (except White) for some reason. It controls similarly to the Wheelie Scooter, but is slower, and can glide rather than jump.

Moon Board: White was given permission to use this by some kid with a weird hairdo. It's a giant moon-shaped hoverboard that can fire lasers.

Motobug: A bug robot with one wheel that is powered by a hamster on a wheel. It can do a double jump and has a treasure radar.

Pipe Car: A vehicle that looks rusted and a little lacking in the ways of an exterior, but it, I kid you not, moves through exploding, bouncing around at random, and flying through the air while leaving a trail of LOLs behind it. All at unbelievable speeds. White feels like he's seen it before...

Dharma Tank: A defensive tank made out of a giant Dharma doll. If it gets hit enough times, one of the 4 layers pops off. At its smallest, it is one of the fastest vehicles EVER.

Sugar Speedster: A small car made of candy. It's a mess, but you love it so. It can ride pretty quickly and even- even- gives - gives you some glitchy powers.

Lightning Chariot: A mystical chariot from above that is made from Star Metal. It has twin lances connected to its front that electrocute enemies as they hit them, a crystal that acts as the chariot's energy source and keeps it moving, a rocket that launches electricity from behind to propel you forward and shock enemies from behind, and a cup holder to hold your drinks.

Skull Skateboard: A pretty bare vehicle that boosts speed and grants several acrobatic techniques. One can also chain up impressive combos and deal wicked damage in midair. It also reacts strangely to the Memories of Rhyme pin, allowing you to work with Rhyme without using the pin. FOREVER.

Cloudy Rocket: A rocket forged from mystical clouds. It launches fog from behind that makes enemies blind. It is slow, but with your enemies blind, it doesn't matter.

Project A.I.R.S.H.I.P: A gigantic mechanical airship filled with explosives. It launches Bullet Bills at first, but can be upgraded once to launch Smart Bombs. Players that don't use this vehicle can hold onto the anchor and climb onto the vehicle to help the player using the vehicle shoot the aerial enemies out of the Sky. The only downside is that it is the slowest vehicle of all, but it is also one of the strongest weapon in the game.

Murikabe Wall: A tank based off of a ghost that is responsible for a project in Techtropolis to have a mega mall being cancelled. It launches soundwaves that causes enemies to give up on attacking the player and makes the enemy run away. It doesn't do physical damage and doesn't affect bosses, though.

Sticky Sphere: This Vehicle has awful armor. You're literally behind the ball, pushing it, leaving you open to attacks. Plus, it makes you slightly slower than usual! But it makes up for this with it's knack for picking up most enemies that get in your way. The sphere slowly gets bigger as you pick up more enemies, and it's capable of even catching mini-bosses once it's at full size! And that music... So cheerful!

Numerical Tank: In this tank, you can shoot out a random digit (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) to attack enemies, but each digit is only shot out once. When all the numbers are shot out, the tank will explode. The last number shot out of the tank determines the speed the tank goes at. The vehicle explodes if touched by an enemy.

Bad Breath Bot: This big vehicle is really slow, but has the ability to shoot a gas with a smell so bad, that it makes enemies dizzy.

Top-Tron: This vehicle in the form of a spinning top is quite slow, until you start spinning, then you'll go really fast and you'll be able to damage enmies on contact! but the faster you spin, the harder it is to control, so watch out for that!

The Groove-Bot 3000: This vehicle is really fast! Aaaaaand groovy as well! Every single one of this robot's attacks are based on dance moves, it's really powerful and fast, BUT it does make you slightly weaker than before.

White Mech: A small mech of White, it's only slightly taller than him, but, it can shoot freakin' fire dude! As well, as having slightly increased defense and strength, but, like many other mechs, it's considerably slow.

Whips (New!)

Weapons that can reach far places, and can grab items for you. They don't have a projectile attack, though.

Blade Whip: A whip with a small shuriken-like blade on the tip of it. It slashes enemies, and grabs items (like all whips).

Quadruple Whip: A whip handle with four whips attached to it. Too much to handle.

Laughing Whip: A whip that makes enemies laugh their butts off. While laughing, they can't move.

Red Carpet Whip: A whip that unfolds and ties enemies in it. Then you can walk over them in style!

Skorupi Whip: A whip made to look like the end of a Skorupi tail. It has the ability to ignore defense and inflict poison on foes, but it has the shortest range.

Live Wire: A wire that can - and will - be used as a whip. It electrocutes enemies, and slashes them, as well as sometimes leaving a burn.

Chain Whip: This whip is made of freakin' steel chains! So of course they'd slow you down, but, opnce again, this whip is made of freakin' steel chain! Meaning it's way more stronger than the average whip.

Maces (New!)

Weapons that can come in two forms: maces, which are mostly melee-based, and flails, which are mostly projectile-based.

Tree Mace: A mace made out of a small tree. It affects wind-like enemies greatly.

Slave Flail: A flail that is shaped like a ball-and-chain that is normally attached to the feet of either slaves or prisoners. You can attach it to the feet of enemies to slow them down.

Dead Parrot: Beautiful plumage, ain't it? Too bad it's run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible... This ex-parrot on its stand confuses enemies as to whether or not it actually is dead, causing indecision on occasions.

Stun Rod: A mace that stuns enemies when struck, but deals fairly low damage. It deals extra damage when paired with the Crusader's Cowl.

Matter Mace: A flail that can get bigger or smaller simply by wanting it to. It can reach more places than most others.

Ember Mace: Forged in a volcano, this mace packs some real firepower. ...Yes, the pun was intended.

Boomerangs (New!)

Weapons that can be thrown far distances, and collect items on their path. They can be compared to projectile whips.

Spine Boomerang: A boomerang shaped like a triangle with a hole in it. It slashes enemies that it hits, and - like most boomerangs - grabs collectibles for you.

Disc Boomerang: What was almost White's final design for kickdiscs was scrapped, and made into a new weapon. This disc collects items for you, and bounces off of the walls.

Boomeraxe: A shrunken version of King Kibble's Kingly Boomeraxe, it's the same concept, but smaller.

Hurricane Boomerang: A boomerang that takes a while to set up, but will completely obliterate anything in its way.

Glaive: Though this technically isn't a boomerang, it works pretty much the same way. Plus, it's got a looting aspect!

Thermarang: A boomerang that has that odd monkey smell to it. It has a fire aspect, and can melt through most metals with ease.

Nether Boomerang: A boomerang crafted out of pure netherrack. It has a fire aspect, and forms lava whenever it bounces off of a surface.

Gravity Boomerang: A boomerang that can shift the gravity of enemies, and doesn't take any concern in movement. Not even walls can stop this thing!

Shurikens (New!)

Weapons that come in packs, and are used up after throwing them. However, they have high speeds, range, and power.

Emerald Star: A giant shuriken that strikes through foes with ease, and has a looting aspect. However, rather than carrying a large amount on you, you must pick up the single large one.

Paper Shuriken: A bunch of small shurikens wrapped in some really strange-looking paper. You can only fire a few at a time, but they stick to objects and explode after a little while. While they're placed down, though, you're basically screwed.

Rope Star: Ninja stars designed by some guy who played too many flash games. They're a little weak, but can be used as a grappling hook in a pinch.

Nightarang: A bunch of shurikens that have an increased critical hit ratio when used in darknes. They deal extra damage when paired with the Crusader's Cowl.

Star Shurikens: A set of shurikens that move at the speed of light. LITERALLY. It deals extra damage when paired up with the Solar Cape.

Lucky Coins: A bunch of golden coins. They do fairly low damage, but have insane combo lengths. Plus, the power and occurrence ratio of critical strikes is vastly improved while using this weapon! Lucky indeed!

Kickdiscs (New!)

Weapons that can be compared to edges on your feet. They lower walking speed, but can be used to skate on ice, can slash at foes with kicks, and have projectile attacks that rival even the staff in range.

Magnet Kickdiscs: A pair of kickdiscs (which are kinda like edges for your feet) that let you walk on walls. The projectile also brings in metallic enemies.

Lapis-Edged Kickdiscs: A set of kickdiscs that are trimmed with lapis lazuli. They have a looting aspect to them with their melee attacks, but not their projectile.

Cowboy Kickdiscs: A pair of kickdiscs that are shaped like the spurs on a cowboy's boots. They let you damage enemies simply by jumping on them, but have terrible projectile attacks.

Jet Kickdiscs: A pair of kickdiscs that can shoot flames out, and let you fly indefinitely.

Hover Kickdiscs: A pair of kickdiscs that let you float around. ...That's pretty much it.

Light Kickdiscs: A pair of kickdiscs that blind enemies. 'Nuff said.

Ashiko Kickdiscs: These kickdiscs are based on ancient weapons from old Japan ususally used by Shinobi, these kickdiscs not only pack a punch, but also let you stick on walls and dash on them for 5 seconds thanks to the Ashiko's spikes.

Items (New!)

Any and all things that are used up immediately after putting them to use. They have varying affects on foes, the environment, and yourself.

Raccoon Leaf: A leaf that gives you a raccoon tail. You can spin the tail to hit things, and can glide - or even fly - with the tail. It also looks adorable on a Popopo.

Wild Ace: A card with the DMR insignia on it. It puts a random effect on all enemies.

Health Pack: A packet that refills your health.

Bottles: A bunch of different types of bottles. Each of them gives you a temporary second element (which White doesn't really need). The elements can be Fire, Water, Ice, Electric, or Beam.

Metamato: A tomato that, when eaten, makes you into a yarn...thing. In this form, you can use a Yarn Whip, and change shape.

Golde Apple: An apple that gives you a Regen status when you eat it. It's nice and shiny, too...

Petri Heal: A little orb that heals any given person of petrification. Would've been helpful that time when Niobi was turned into a statue by that one monkey...

Wooka Candy: An assortment of candy given to you by a stranger in a black van named Wiley Wooka. They can turn you into a giant balloon, give you great flexibilty and jump, summon Apool Apoomos to attack or give you cabbage.

Suns: Small suns that let you perform many different abilities, depending on which one you use. There's one of Speed, Strength, name it, it's probably a Sun.

Final Inferno: A small flame-shaped item that gives you the ability to launch two gigantic spiraling fireballs. They get even bigger as they go, and are so useful, they've even been used by some of the most famous people in the known universes. Specifically, in fighting tournaments.

Darts (New!)

Weapons that can be shot from a dart shooter, and go in an arc when fired.

Classic Darts: A set of normal darts, complete with blowdart shooter.

Poison Darts: Just like the classic darts, but poison enemies upon contact.

Spike-o-Pult: How do monkeys keep finding this stuff?! Regardless, this isn't even much of a dart shooter at all. More of a catapult that shoots spike balls.

Sleeping Darts: These darts are very weak, but they contain a very special chemical that puts enemies asleep for 10 seconds when shot by these darts.


Any weapons that don't fit into a category.

Burlap Whack: A large piece of rope with a burlap sack on the end of it. You can swing it around, and fill the sack with stuff, to do more damage.

Training Dummy: This training dummy doesn't do much, other than damaging enemies when you hit them with it. It does make for a good way to pass time, though.

Amethyst Star: A star-shaped crystal with the power to fully heal you. It does something else, but I can't put my finger on it...

PFL Chest: Not as much of a weapon as it is useful, it's a chest that, when stuff is put in one, you can take it out of the other. What does the PFL stand for, you might ask? Pickle fish lips.

Double Pulse Snares: A pair of snares that go on your hands, one to each. They are very sharp, and can shoot electrical pulses.

Punch Box: A simple box with a wind-up key that shoots a boxing glove out when it's done. Very cliche indeed.

Matter Trap: A device similar to the Flare Trap, but stops the enemies in their tracks. It also has a chance of dematerializing the enemy caught in it. Sounds painful.

Piper's Flute: A flute that, when played, puts enemies to sleep, as well as solves sound-based puzzles. If only White knew how to play it...

Mini Cloud: A cloud that follows you around, and gives you balls of condensed water to throw at things. It's even got a face!

Sombrero: A sombrero. You don't really wear this, actually; it's used to throw at enemies.

Necronomicon: An ancient relic that has been sealed away for thousands of years. Guess who just happened to stumble upon it? It allows you to shoot shots that do double damage to the foe...but normal damage to you.

Copy Computer: Something similar to White's Storage Laptop, but it stores something different: Copy Abilities! Whenever you first get a Copy Ability, it's automatically transfered into here, to be used whenever the hell you feel like it!

Chaos Bug: A large bug that somewhat resembles the Chaos Kin itself. It takes control of an enemy, and makes the enemy kill all other enemies in the vicinity.

Paralysis Potion: A potion of paralysis that White stole the recipe for from a psychotic maniac he fought once. It stuns enemies, but it can also stun your allies.

Item Mixer: A mixing tool used hand-in-hand with anything from the Items category. It can obviously mix two items' effects into an Orb, making it a powerful tool to have on hand.

Weakuffs: A set of handcuffs that weaken enemies. They take a long time to get on, but they're good to use if you're trying to challenge yourself.

White Plush: A doll borrowed from some detective-in-training. Oddly, the doll looks just like White... Anyway, It handles similarly to the Boom Stick, but it's attacks are much weaker and much faster. It's power is boosted slightly when used by White or any Mind-element characters.

Lunchbox: A cute lunchbox owned by a big mercenary working for a muscular Australian or something. Its contents are a couple of sandvic- er, sandwiches, can be used to restore health a few times. The lunchbox itself is also a pretty good weapon.

Marshmallow Bag: A bag of marsmallows, all different kinds. Every time you use this, you get a different effect, ranging from healing to HYPER RAINBOW powers. When you have this weapon, you can use cartoonish techniques.

Virus Syringes: A bunch of syringes with a very contagious virus in them. You can throw them like knives at foes, and watch (from a safe distance, of course) as the virus spreads throughout the area.

Ultra Hook: A really badass-looking grappling hook that fits snugly on your hand...nub...thing. It shoots farther than most grappling hooks, but it doesn't have as large a hook, resulting in less damage if the hook hits an enemy.

Deadly Solitaire: A diamond with the ability to let you strike lightning down on EVERYTHING. Because why the hell not?

Capture Antenna: A mystical antenna that was forged by the founders of Techtropolis before monsters took over the streets. It has the power to capture enemies and make them fight for you. This item can only be used by the characters from the first game and Uto.

Soul-Brush: A paintbrush that can be swung AND can squirt (with small range) paint to hurt enemies.

"Piggy" Doll: A cute cat doll... that fights alongside you in combat? This black cat really does give enemies bad luck when they cross it's surprisingly painful claws when it jumps ahead of the user to strike foes.

Yellow Cell: A cell phone with some rather... irritatingly smirk comments recorded. However, it provides a variety of useful techniques in combat. These techniques include levitation, teleporting enemies behind you, and locking onto and dropping random objects on any on-screen foes.

Marricite Drones: A small group of Marricites that follow the user around, fighting for them using body slams and their stingers. They must think you're their queen! Well, you DO control them with your mind, so... I guess you are...?

Weapon Groups

Groups of weapons that can be summoned with a tablet-like device, and can be used in conjunction with each other.

Negative Weapons: This group consists of weapons that all do double damage to negative enemies. It includes every weapon class.

Crystal Weapons: This group consists of weapons that all have looting aspects, and are mostly/entirely made of crystals. It includes every weapon classes except clubs.

Smash Weapons: This group consists of weapons that all have extra attacks compared to the norm. It includes every weapon class.

Jeitian Weapons: This group consists of weapons that all burn like acid to the touch. It includes every weapon class except spears.

Yatagarasu Weapons: This group consists of weapons that, when combined, give you the powers of the Sun Crow itself. It only includes edges, arms, and wearable weapons.

Void Weapons: This group consists of weapons that can cause voids to form. It only includes bombs, staffs, edges, and boomerangs.

Ruby Weapons: This group consists of weapons that all can attack with great force at high speeds, as well as most being hybrids of two weapon classes. It includes a scythe-gun hybrid, two swords, two blade-whip hybrids, a set of arms, a blade-spear-gun hybrid, a hammer-cannon hybrid, a gun-boomerang hybrid, a staff-gun-nunchuk hybrid, a plain staff, and a plain palm.

Ruby Weapons
Luna's Petal: One of the fastest Ruby Weapons by far, this scythe-gun hybrid lets you boost your speed by essentially shooting backwards, adding to the already crazy speed that it offers just by wielding it. It's combo length is incredible, it's range is nuts, and the theme music is just epic to boot. Definitely the best weapon of the bunch. It gets even stronger when your allies wield Snow Rapier, Swing Cutter, or Bomber Gauntlets.

Snow Rapier: A slightly weaker sword with crazy good combo length. However, that's just touching the surface - the weapon allows the wielder to use a variety of elemental attacks at the flick of the wrist, but it's a little random. Like playing a fireball-shooting variant Russian Roulette where the wrong element could mean demise. It gets even stronger when your allies wield Luna's Petal, Swing Cutter, or Bomber Gauntlets.

Swing Cutter: This weapon doesn't exactly have the best combo ability and speed in either of it's forms - blade OR whip - but it makes up for it with the whip form's ability to create chains across the screen to block enemies, swing around, or slingshot allies. It gets even stronger when your allies wield Luna's Petal, Snow Rapier, Bomber Gauntlets, or Nunchaku Gunstaff.

Bomber Gauntlets: A pair of arms that are quite probably the slowest weapons in the Ruby set, and their combo length isn't super amazing, either. However, they make up for this with one simple characteristic. This characteristic... well, it's actually pretty awesome. Let's make it short - YOUR PUNCHES CAUSE HUGE EXPLOSIONS. You can send foes flying, launch yourself through the air, and more. The Boomstick just got served. It gets even EXPLOSIONer when your allies wield Luna's Petal, Snow Rapier, or Swing Cutter.

Heirloom Blade: A sword that has definitely seen better days. This weapon is probably one of the most ordinary of any of the Ruby weapons. It comes with a collapsible shield by default, however, and it actually offers quite a bit of defense. It's power, combo length, etc. improves drastically when fighting in multiplayer, however, no matter what weapon is being used. It gets even stronger when your allies wield Royal Torch, Drop-Bomber, or Bloomshot.

Royal Torch: The weapon with the most possible combinations, this weapon can be a javelin with excellent projectile ability, a lightweight sword paired with a shield, or a mid-range two-handed rifle. None of these forms have any extra quirks, however, save for good speed and combo length. It gets even stronger when your allies wield Heirloom Blade, Drop-Bomber, or Bloomshot.

Drop-Bomber: A slower weapon that can shift between a hammer that causes small explosions with each swing, launching the user into the air with each direct hit with the ground, and a much smaller two-handed cannon that fires pipe bombs. I kid you not. Pipe bombs. So either way, you're dishing out serious damage, both structural and physical. It gets even stronger when your allies wield Heirloom Blade, Royal Torch, or Bloomshot.

Bloomshot: A gun with amazing rapid-fire, even if the shots aren't super effective. It's also a rather devastating physical weapon, thanks to the axe-like blades, and can even be thrown like boomerangs, which, though slower to use, deals quite a bit more damage than the rapid-fire. This weapon can also be dual-wielded very effectively, and even gets some new attacks if one does so. It gets even stronger when your allies wield Heirloom Blade, Royal Torch, or Drop-Bomber.

Nunchaku Gunstaff: A staff that separates into GUNCHUKS! It does a lot of melee damage in staff form, and has good projectile range in shotgun nunchuk form. It also has a bit of a scent of bananas...don't let that distract you. It gets even stronger when your ally wields the Swing Cutter.

Auto Blades: Feelin' combat ready? Then wield these eight blade/whips that you may or may not control with cybernetic enhancements because that hasn't been confirmed yet. It can be tricky to manage this weapon, but if you can, the effects are devastating on enemies. The blades are attached to your person by threads, as well, so one can hurl foes around to one's content. Unlike whips, though, the blades can't grab items. Just enemies. It gets even stronger when your ally wields Luna's Petal.

Marauder's Cane: BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. This staff may not be able to morph, but it can ESPLODE STUFF! Of all of the Ruby Weapons that cause explosions, this one has the best range, allowing the wielder to snipe opponents with explosive rounds from afar. But it doesn't work well at close range, aside from good combo length. It gets even stronger when your ally wields Charred Tattoos.

Charred Tattoos: This palm is unique in itself thanks to it's ability to launch a variety of flame projectiles that can be controlled mid-shot as a standard fire. You can also make some epic shockwaves of heat, or disintegrate projectiles that aren't energy-based. And the best part is that it looks cool. It's physical power and combo length are just awful, though. It gets even stronger when your ally wields Marauder's Cane.

Sacred Weapons: This group consists of weapons that, when combined, can barely be stopped, but don't work well alone. It only includes bows, shields, and wearable weapons.

Eco Weapons: This group consists of weapons that are natural and are made by plants that drop from certain enemies, and they have special plant-related abilities. This includes every weapon class except Arms and Palms.

Eco Weapons

Thorn Shotgun: A natural gun made of many plants. It shoots thorns that stick onto opponents and drain their health so that they can grow into trees. Eco-Warriors are trying to use these weapons to try to Re-Forest the world, but they are being arrested since they are still dangerous weapons.

Arootia: A natural bow made of Ygdrassial Roots. They can be charged to launch special pineapples that explode when they hit enemies, but when not charged, they launch multiple thorns that do little damage. White is suprised that the pineapples explode, and he is still trying to figure what makes them go boom.

Corn-Chucks: A pair of corncobs tied together with a rope. They have a far reach and they launch Popcorn as projectiles, but unlike other Whips, they can't grab items.

Pine Tree: A giant tree pulled right out of the ground. It is one of the strongest spears, and can create small pinecone minions every five swings, but it is the slowest spear of all. It takes vigorous training to pick up a giant tree, but not as much to lift a simple Size Ray...if you know what I mean.

Pineapple Bomb: These pineapples mysteriously explode when thrown. When they explode, they launch small bits of pineapples that ignore defense. Not even White knows how they explode, but there is a lab in a faraway place that studies Pineapple Bombs.

Pumpkine: A giant axe that grows from the ground in Viridis Valley for some reason. It is a very slow axe, but is also one of the few blades that can also block attacks. It is commonly used by farmers to harvest crops very fast.

Turnip Claws: A set of turnips with mole claws sticking out of them. It has a digging aspect, as well as a piercing aspect.

Lemon Edges: This Eco Weapon was created when someone dropped a set of edges in lemon juice. This weapon rips enemies up, and if you strike the enemy again, the enemy takes double damage due to the lemon juice. This effect keeps stacking up all the way to a whopping 32x damage!

Cactus Darts: Many darts that are made from the needles of a Cactus. It not only pierces through armor, but it also sticks onto enemies, dealing damage over time, making these darts very useful and unique.

Magical Weapons: A set of weapons that can only be wielded when the Soul Seed has energy. Those weapons also give you some cute accessories. The category includes a bow, a blade, and a rifle, as well as the Soul Seed.

Magical Weapons

Soul Seed: A strange egg containing potent magical force. It has to be equipped in order to wield any other Magical Weapon, but doing so changes the gameplay style ever so slightly. A very large number appears above the health bar, and slowly counts down with every second. Good news is, your health increases... but the bad news is, it subtracts from the large number. When the number runs out, it's game over.

Rose Bow: A bow formed from a large, twisted pink rose. The bow can fire a rapid cluster of arrows that can be charged to increase the number of projectiles; it can also be aimed. The bow can also shoot a straight shot that passes through enemies and projectiles which can be charged to increase it's size and damage output. However, it's melee attack is among the weakest of ANY weapon. It also gives you a light pink wig with two slightly darker pink ribbons. Cute.

Flow Katana: A pretty plain-looking katana, specialized for one-handed combat; however, the Soul Seed's power grants it a variety of stabbing and slashing techniques. It's melee attacks are nothing to sneeze at in terms of power and combo length, but, rather than projectiles, the wielder can thrust the blade forward in a dash technique that can be charged to increase range. The thrust can also be directed upwards or downwards. It also gives you short-cut blue hair.

White Rifle: A flintlock rifle, blank white and rather ordinary. A single one shoots single shots at a time with fairly average power. It makes up for this rather well with the ability to SUMMON MORE IDENTICAL RIFLES AROUND YOUR PERSON. These rifles can be summoned to improve the fire rate DRASTICALLY, have quite practical range, and even have an okay melee attack. Oh, and wielding it means that you wear a cute beret and a yellow wig. Brings back a bit of a... sad memory, though.

Cyber Weapons: A set of weapons based mostly on computers, data, etc. The group contains a badge, a blade, a shield, a gun, a bow, and a hammer.

Cyber Weapons

Cybadge: To equip and use Cyber-Weapons, you need to equip this badge, which increases cybernetic signal, which means it allows you to use Cyber-Weapons.

Cyber Katana: A swift and powerful katana that focuses on letting you do multiple swift hits rather than slow and strong blows. This blade was found near a robot that was protecting Egg Engines in Halcandra.

Data Shield: This shield is different, it can be activated at any time, think you're in danger? Then just activate it! This shield is really powerful and even lets you fall slower while mid-air, the only downside is that when you activate it, it slows you down.

Cybernetic Shotgun: A powerful cybernetic gun just for you! You can aim it like the Archer Copy Ability (from Triple Deluxe and i think this game but i'm not sure if someone submitted it yet), which means, high precision, high power! But of course, it slows you down and it's not very good for close range, like pretty much almost every gun out there.

Signal Bow: This bow has decent damage, but it has a slight homing effect. Slight, of course, but it's still pretty useful when trying to hit hard targets.

Techmo Hammer: This green glowing data hammer is really strong, but it slows you down a bit, the catch is that if you have too many things equipped, you go slower than before but the hammer gets stronger, it also makes a cool effect when you defeat enemies and Mini-Bosses, when you defeat them , they turn into small bits of data and just fly away. This hammer sure looks familiar...I wonder why....


Small orbs that have varying effects on many aspects of gameplay.

Swift Orb: An orb that makes you run fast. Duh.

Accuracy Orb: An orb that increases homing ability of your shots. With the right element combos, they could even go backwards to hit enemies!

Sniper Orb: An orb that increases your range by a LOT. All you need now is a bush to hide in.

Spinda Orb: An orb that puts you in Spinda form, in which you can only move by spinning. Enemies are knocked up really high from that.

Hologram Orb: An orb that creates a clone of yourself. Reminds me of the Double Badge...damn, now I wanna eat some cherries.

Ghost Orb: An orb that gives you false hopes of getting the Ghost Copy Ability. It actually turns you invisible for a bit.

Starstorm Orb: An orb that causes stars to rain down from the sky. PK...STAAAAAARSTOOOOORM!! ...C'mon, I had to.

Sun Orb: An orb that blinds all nearby enemies. Gives you a good reason to wear a pair of shades. B)

Dimension Orb: An orb that sucks enemies into a rip in time. Where they go after is the question...if they survive.

Whirlwind Orb: An orb that, when thrown at an enemy, will whip the enemy up into a small tornado. Fairly useful when it comes to getting rid of a bunch of small enemies quickly.

Grenade Orb: You throw it and it explodes. It's useful, but... kinda dorky. =/

Spreadshot Orb: It shoots a spreadshot of 7 shots forwards, as simple as that, the shots aren't THAT powerful, but since they're 7, they can hit quite a lot on the screen.

Dragoon Sphere: These rare spheres appear every now and again. You can throw them for shocking levels of damage, but that isn't their best attribute. If you collect seven of them, good things can happen - you can become temporarily invincible, recieve a new weapon, power up your current weapon, summon a huge dragon to blow stuff up for you, and more. But once you get their boons, the Dragoon Spheres stop spawning for 365 hours. Dormant Dragoon Spheres appear instead.

Copy Abilities

Legendary abilities that can completely turn gameplay around when used. They are usually accessed via other weapons, such as the Copy Ability Generator, Copy Glass, etc. The hats that are used on Pop Star are different from those of Zolara. They also act different depending on the world. </foreshadowing>

Needle: A Copy Ability that allows pepole to create spikes all over their body. The spikes can be used defensively to make a spiked shield, or can be used to launch spikes from your hands at enemies (Which Popopo's from Pop Star can't do, unfortunately) to use it offensively.

Leaf: This Copy Ability specializes in mid-range combat. The wielder's movements are flowing, and they are able to create tornadoes of grass around themselves to toss around enemies and even slow the speed at which the user falls.

Bell: A Copy Ability that has a varied system. It can do short range combos with 2 large bells, create bell projectiles that go behind you to attack, and can create a shield out of a giant bell.

Tornado: A Copy Ability that makes the player have powers over wind. You can run up walls and also turn yourself into a tornado. The tornado can be used to blow away fog and destroy enemies.

Crash: One of the very few single-use Copy Abilities, Crash turns the user into a living explosion for a single attack, allowing them to decimate enemies on the other side of the screen, obliterate obstacles, and even deal hefty damage to (some) bosses! But once you use it, it's gone - you have to scan another enemy to get the Ability back.

Archer: Just in case you don't have, you know, an ACTUAL BOW. This weapon's projectiles have the best range of any Copy Ability, making it ideal for ranged fighters.

Ghost: Spooky? Not really. Useful? Hell yes. This Copy Ability grants the user advanced aerial movement ability, as well as the power to disappear and possess enemies. However, unless possessing a foe, the user has almost no attack power.

Animal: Release your wild side with this Copy Ability! The user gains the ability to sprint across the ground on all fours - much faster than the usual running - and string together impressive combos with their sharpened claws. You can even burrow through the ground in certain spots!

Light: What is a single-use, near-useless ability on Pop Star is a multipurpose tool for your average miner on Zolara. You carry around a lantern, which can be smashed on the ground to produce sparks, light up dark areas, and even kill ghost-like foes with one hit!

Ninja: This Copy Ability makes you swifter than ever before at the cost of strength, the attacks include mostly long-range projectiles such as Shurikens, Kunais and even small fireballs, though it has some short-range attacks, such as swift Katana slashes.

FreezeBundle up, because things are about to get frosty in your hood... You know, the hood of your winter coat. The Freeze Copy Ability is one of two ice-themed abilities. It is focused primarily around defenses, as the user can create a field of chilled air around their body to ward off or freeze foes.

Ice: One, two, three, four, you have ICE HAIR. The Ice ability is the more offensively-based of the two ice-themed Copy Abilities. The wielder can blow hyper-cooled air to freeze foes and skate across the ground as if it were an ice rink.

Ball: What was a near useless ability on Pop Star, is a useful ability used for utility in Zolara. You may lose your arm stubs and feet, but you can now roll through holes that were too small for you before, jump very high, and be immune to fall damage now.

Water: A Copy Ability that lets you harness the powers over water. You can create rainbows, create and ride waves, and launch water from your mouth to attack. You can also put out fires with this ability, as well as destroy flaming projectiles.