The Adventures of White is a series of games by Zentech Studios. The games follow White, a young Popopo from Sky City, as well as his friends in their many adventures.


Main Series Games

The Adventures of White

This game follows White's first adventure, in which he tries to save the universe from the invasion of Dark Matter. This game gives the basic structure of the games, and is the first to use the AoW engine.

The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula

The game follows the DMR once again, in their attempt to stop the invasion of the Negative Alliance. This game expands upon certain aspects of the first game, such as dimensional travel and Copy Abilities. It is a collaboration between White (Talk) and Icaadan (Talk), as well as many others.

The Adventures of White: Lost Tales

This game is a semi-wrapup to show the events in the time between AoW and AoWinNN.

Spinoff Games

Adventures of White (2014 game)

It is currently unknown what this game will be about.

AoW RPG (working title)

A spinoff developed by Pixelburst Gaming which is set apart by use of a multi-class system.

Adventures of White VS Kirby Superstar Adventure: Fighters Unleashed

A spinoff fighting game crossover between AoW and Kirby Superstar Adventure, the gameplay is simlar to that of the Super Smash Bros. franchise.

Zolaran: Crossfire

An FPS game developed by LeZe LLC.

It revolves around characters from Cyrun and The Adventures of White.

AoWiki Exclusive

The Adventures of White: The Multiplot Conspiracy

This game pits White and co. against the plots of many different games and such, while trying to figure out how the hell they're where they are.


  • The characters in the games are somewhat based on the personalities of White (Talk) and his friends.
  • The Blacklight series takes place in the same universe as The Adventures of White; Sky City is even the main area in both games.