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The story for The Adventures of White. As the story progresses, it will be put into its own sections.

Prologue: Today's Story...

Our story begins in a bustling city in the sky, known simply as Sky City. But before we get into that, let's go back, say, about 10 years ago. Here, Sky City is pretty much the same as it is now. In a small shop which excels in selling weapons to adventurers, a very young boy was working the counter, with his even younger brother by his side. This boy's name was White. He was filling in for his parents, when an odd figure which somewhat resembled a sillhouette of a masked knight walked in. It asked to see White's parents, to which White responded in pretty much the only way he could think of: Getting his parents to see this living shadow. As they came out, the being transformed into a less-sillhouette-like organism that resembled a black orb with red spikes along its back and a single, large, red eye. The being then called in some similar-looking organisms and proceeded to ambush the shop, abducting White's parents in the process. Ah, but when White realized this, he picked up a golden sword lying on the ground, and tried to attack it, only for the being of Dark Matter to strike White, leaving a cut in his back.

A couple of hours passed, and White hadn't moved at all. It seemed as though he was no longer alive. But, suddenly, a heavenly light appeared over him, as nearby leaves started swirling around. Though those leaves didn't seem very important, it actually revealed who was responsible for the light to begin with. Anyway, White started rising into the air, and a large flash of light burst, which would've blinded anyone who saw it. Before he knew anything happened, he was back on his feet, as though completely unharmed. His scar had not disappeared, though. He vowed that he would defeat the being who brought all this upon him some day.

Fast-forward about 7 years, White is running his parents' old shop, when he decides that it was time to find a weapon of his own, instead of being cluttered around other weapons. So, he went to the city psychic, who predicted that he would find 3 pieces of a powerful weapon which, when fused together, would have the power to defeat any obstacle. So he went to collect the three pieces, which were conveniently all in Sky City already, and brought them back to the shop. He then proceeded to fuse them together, and, in a flash of white light, a weapon was created: the Boom Stick.

Sky City: The Adventure Begins...?

Okay, now we can go back to the present. White has since found the right weapon for many a person, and has made many friends in the process, as well as a few enemies. White is hanging out with his girlfriend, Niobi, when his arch-rival, Magne, storms in and kidnaps her, simply knocking White to the side. He has to go rescue her now. However, this is only the beginning of his adventure...

He begins to create a rescue team with a ragtag group of friend from his "secret agency", the Dark Matter Resistance, made to destroy any Dark Matter that comes anywhere near Sky City. Here, he recruits his best friends Red, Orange, and Yellow, and even his little brother Blue. He thought they had the potential to help him defeat Magne, which was no easy task. They ventured out to Magne's lair, which they could only access through a portal to a dimension called the Underverse, an underground society where the Dark Matter Resistance's most well-kept base was. Luckily, White has a portal there in his house.

Once in the Underverse, White and co. picked up a few supplies, and headed into Magne's portal. Magne was expecting them, though. He set up a few traps beforehand, which were all really obvious and avoidable. They got through unscathed, and defeated Magne. After his defeat, a large shadow came out of him through his back. White recognized this as the Dark Matter Swordsman. An epic showdown had pursued. However, White was victorious.

On their way home, they met up with some people, bought some stuff, usual things you would do in the Underverse. But then, they were approached by what seemed to be a bounty hunter. Wondering why he approached them of all people, White was about to ask, but before he could finish, all he knew was he was being shot at. He had to run through the whole market, avoiding the shots coming from the hunter's orbitars, all the while wondering who would send a bounty hunter after him. His first and only thought was Magne. He managed to get through the shots of the hunter unharmed, and even convinced him that he was only making a mistake, as he had defeated his master. The hunter then vowed to serve White, as that was his code of loyalty: If his master is defeated by his target, he must serve his former target. The bounty hunter's name was then revealed to be Shade, and he joined the team.

After they finally got home (after more shopping, of course), they didn't go back to White's house, as they originally planned. They went directly to the Dark Matter Resistance base, instead. While Boe (White's pet Fire Boo) proceeded to show Shade around, they started to spitball ideas on their next course of action. They wouldn't be able to go without doing anything, considering Dark Matter was the influence for Magne's former actions.

They began discussing ideas, when a news update flashed on the large screen above the table. It said that a branch of Dark Matter was attacking the city, led by Shadoo. White had heard that name somewhere before, but couldn't remember. They then said that Shadoo's motives were not identified, as of yet. White immediately knew that this was his chance. He would defeat Shadoo, and rescue the city! Then, he remembered where he had heard the name Shadoo before. Shadoo was the one who abducted his parents when he was 3! He knew he had to do this. But he might need a little help.

A few hours passed. White had already packed his backpack for the adventure ahead, when his brother demanded that he came. At first, White refused, but his friends were backing Blue up with it, wishing to go as well. After a few minutes spent purely listening to 3 grown boys and his little brother bothering him, he finally gave in.

They set out to visit the city psychic, who would tell them what they needed to do. She said they needed to collect mystic crystals known as the Crystal Artifacts. However, the artifacts were scattered across the world, to protect them from falling into the wrong hands (Villains tend to be pretty lazy). So, they went back to the base to tell everyone, and that's when White's adventure truly began.

Grassy Plains: The Adventure Really Begins!

Their first step was to find the Crystal Map, which would expand whenever one of the Crystal Artifacts was found, leading them to another one. However, White had seen this at the Jayrus Shrine many times before, whenever he and Niobi took a walk around that area. He went on his own to get the map, but when he came back...everyone but Red, Orange, Yellow, and Blue was gone. The four people in the room were unconsious. A large insignia made out of a dark substance was etched onto the wall. The Dark Matter Army had been here. He had much more of an excuse to do this now.

The first part of the map showed much of the area below Sky City, known as the Grassy Plains. There was only one way to get there, and it was to go down to the village directly below Sky City; a little village known as Jeitia. White knew this village, as he had been there as a child, for its life-changing inventions, such as a teleportation system known as a Portal Gate. He would leave as soon as the others woke up.

They were standing in front of the elevator down to Jeitia, which was located in the city bazaar, near center city. They were about to go down, when they were stopped by a pair of individuals, both of which White knew. One was a Waddle Dee named Deo, the other a Halcandran named Fuegon. These were, believe it or not, White's cousins. After a nice conversation, White explained to them his mission, and they volunteered to come with them. White couldn't say no to them, so their party was increased to 7. They all entered the elevator, and went down.

After arriving in Jeitia, they had to get through security first. This was an easy task, however, so they decided to walk around for a little bit, when they ran into an old childhood friend of Yellow's. This boy, whose name was Icaadan, began asking why they were in the village. Yellow explained to him the situation, and he asked to come. Of course, this meant there were 8 people now. They decided to leave then, to finally get to the Grassy Plains.

The view was amazing. You could see everything for miles. But there was business to be done. Everyone split up, looking for anything out of the ordinary. When they got back together (with a bunch of loot, since they're all crazy about looting things), Blue said he saw some guy burning things down. Everyone followed Blue as he led them to the guy. It was a Burning Leo, with bright red skin, and blue flames. He was burning down any form of life he could find. White tried to stop him, but got "burned" because of it. (White can't suffer from any type of burn.) He then saw that before the Burning Leo fled, he left a large insignia in the ground. White recognized this as the Dark Matter Army's insignia, and followed in the general direction that he went.

They run in the same direction for what seems like hours, when they run into another Popopo. This guy was fairly small, but was carrying a gigantic red sword, which seemed to be dripping with blood. He was carrying a shield with the same insignia as the one the Burning Leo had made earlier. White could tell this guy wasn't here to be recruited...or maybe he was. He couldn't really tell, actually. But he knew he had to act quickly. And so, they fought the young Popopo, and won, just barely leaving him alive. That was when Orange came to a slightly disturbing sudden realization.

That Popopo they just almost killed...was his brother. Orange remembered that - against his will - his brother Green was enrolled in the Dark Matter Army shortly before the invasion on Sky City. He quickly got Green up on his shoulders, and carried him the rest of the way. They were gaining on the Burning Leo, when Green started to wake up. White noticed a bright white flower nearby, which he recognized as the Jayran Flower: a flower that, when prepared in the right way, could heal any given ailment. He started to prepare it, which took about 10 minutes. White had told Blue to keep a trail on the Burning Leo while he prepared the Jayran Flower. Once he was done, he fed it to Green, who jumped up instantly. After a short reunion, they left to go find the Burning Leo, as Blue had set off a flare in the general direction.

They had finally caught up to him, and he started scolding Green; calling him a traitor, threatening him, etc. Green then told the Burning Leo, who he mentioned that his name was Flarus, to cut it out, and that he'd be willing to fight him. A huge battle ensued, with the Resistance standing victoriously before Flarus. The gem in his crown then burst out, leaving a large, star-shaped hole in the base. White felt a vibration in his bag, and pulled out the Crystal Map, which he hadn't realized had a small pink stone attached to it. The stone was vibrating, and White instantly realized that the gem that burst out of Flarus's crown was, in fact, a Crystal Artifact. He took it, and began to make his way back to Sky City.

Interlude 1

The scene changes to Shadoo talking to his henchmen, trying to decide their next course of action. Flarus suggests that they hypnotize someone, while another person suggests that they go out. Shadoo decides to go with Flarus's idea, and sends out some Matterlings to the Trophian Sea, to find someone to take control over.

It was turning night, and White decides that they should set up camp. Once everything was set up, they lied down to rest, White started to see memories of his parents from when he was a small child. He tried to remember more, but it hurt his head to try too hard. He shed a bright-red tear, and fell asleep.

Once back in Sky City the next day, he took the Crystal Star to the Jayrus Shrine, and watched as it made the Crystal Map expand. The map showed a large ocean with many small islands in it, to the northeast of the Grassy Plains. White gathered some more supplies, and started to head out. But they were stopped by a young boy, who started pestering Yellow as to why they couldn't go on their adventure. When the boy saw that White looked fairly confused, he introduced himself as Layz, and said that he was bothering Yellow specifically because they were brothers. Red begins to complain that he doesn't have a little brother, but everyone else simply ignores him.

They head back to the elevator, when a jester-like fellow stopped them. He threatened that he would kill them if they continued what they were doing, but the group simply ignored his warnings. They headed for the elevator, which the jester subsequently shot an energy beam at. With the elevator broken, they had to find a way down. White immediately considered the Underverse as their only reliable option.

Trophian Sea: Below the Surface

Once they got down there, they started asking around for ways to the ground. Some people were being unreliable, showing ways to portals that led to random places; some being even higher in the sky than Sky City itself. They kept asking around, and finally someone looked like they'd help. They kept asking White if he remembered them, which he didn't. Finally, after many repeats of the same question, Fuegon finally snapped, and scolded White for not recognizing his own cousin, Boel. At this point, it would just be wrong to not let Boel tag along. He showed the group the way to a portal that, apparently, took them straight to the Trophian Sea's beach.

They were at the beach. The sun was nice and warm on their back. They still had work to do, so they figured the only way to go was down. They scanned the beach for anything out of the ordinary (all they found was loot), and they decided they had to go down. They had to pull White off of a nearby post, due to him not wanting to go in the water, but after that, it was easy. There was no other choice. He had to go under. Orange tells White to stop complaining, calls him a weenie, and forms an air bubble in the water. White was completely content on going in at that point.

They swam for a long time, looking for anything unusual, when Orange found a somewhat large purple stone, scattered among a bunch of other rocks. As he moved his hand closer to grab it, it started to glow more, and after picking it up, a giant hole in the ground formed. A large biplane-shaped submarine with a drill on the front came out of it, and the group defeated it right away. They proceeded to go down the hole that it came out of.

They swam down for hours. Well, it seemed like hours. But regardless, White was still in his little bubble, when he felt a sharp jab, and the bubble burst. He couldn't breathe the water in, but it hurt too much to stay in it. He tried swimming upward, but he got hit in the head by something metal. The rest of the way down was quick, painless, and dark.

White woke up in a bed, and was quite comfortable, until he remembered that he didn't normally sleep in a bed; he sleeps in a giant pile of pillows. He quickly got up, but his head started throbbing, and he felt an ice pack on top of it. He threw the ice pack across the room, as it would eventually melt into water on top of his head if he didn't. He noticed that he was in a room with glass walls...underwater. He started to panic, when a lady came in to see if he was awake yet.

The lady told White she had found one of his friends the same way she found him, and started to lead White to them. He followed, and, while extremely nervous, he was glad that he was going to reunite with one of his friends. She walked into a room, which White followed her into, to see the other guys, sitting in a room. White was in disbelief that these guys, who probably made their way down themselves to...wherever they were, and he was right. All of the guys (except Fuegon, for whatever reason) started cracking up, while Fuegon moved away from where he was floating, and opened a door behind him. White entered, and saw two of his friends, sorta: Shade and Niobi, both lying on beds, unconscious. White simply sat in the chair next to Niobi, and waited.

A long time had passed, probably 6 hours or so, and Niobi hadn't woken up. Shade was already up and about, and the guys had gone to explore a bit. White asked the lady how long it would normally take for someone in her conditions to wake up, and she said it was taking a lot longer than usual. So, White left the room, and began to look around for an exit. When he found one, he realized that it was more than just a small room. It was a giant underwater metropolis. He went to go find something to wake Niobi up.

He searched for hours, but to no avail. He decided to go back to the infirmary, where Niobi was. He got there, and sat in the same chair he had been sitting in for the longest time. He took off his backpack, and started rummaging through it, just looking at all the random crap he had in it, when he noticed something at the very bottom glowing a bright purple. He tried to get through the crap to it, eventually having to flip his bag open just to get it on the top. It was the stone that Orange found earlier that triggered that ship to attack! He took it, placed it in Niobi's hand to see if it did anything, and waited for a reaction. After a few minutes, the stone started glowing brighter and brighter purple, and eventually made the whole room burst with light. It dimmed, and Niobi woke up. White sprang up, hugged her, and led her outside, thanking the lady on their way out.

They started to ask around, trying to get info on where they were. White compared it to the whole Underverse ordeal, and said that only one guy was gonna help them, and the rest were probably gonna try and kill them, or something. And he was somewhat right. Only two people helped them: a purple-and green Popopo, as well as a teal-and-red one. They gave them all of the info, and even offered to help them out on their journey. Apparently the place was a large metropolitan city known as the Trophian Sea Central. They were about to continue, but they were cut short due to a large egg plopping down in front of them. White went to poke it, when it started to crack, and a large hermit crab came out of it. The crab began to try to attack Niobi, but White jumped in front of it, pulling out a Titanium Shield as he went, and deflected it. The group then proceeded to attack the crab, known as King Clang, and defeated it with somewhat ease.

They looked around the place some more, but didn't find any sign of the Crystal Artifact. So, they decided they had to go up. White bought a single-person submarine, so he wouldn't hurt himself, but then he noticed that Fuegon and Deo had already had one, which had a White-sized burn mark on the bottom of it. White gave them both the death-stare, to which they simply shrugged, and got in his own sub. They headed up a separate way than they did down, and ended up in a different place entirely.

They finally surfaced, and looked forward to see a bunch of islands ahead of them, the closest of which was the largest, and had a small town built on top of it. They decided to go there and stock up on supplies, as well as rest for a bit, which White was more than pleased to do. They were told when they first entered the city that they were at the Isle Rencavus, a large, futuristic city located at the heart of the Trophian-Neo Islands. The people were used to tourists, but the group knew they had to leave any minute, so they told the person who had introduced them that they weren't overstaying their welcome. They were prompted that they could stay as long as they liked, and that the person who had told them about the place would help them get somewhere to stay. Of course, the Popopo complained, as he was just a tourist, too, but he found them somewhere anyway.

The black-and-purple Popopo found them all a fairly large hotel room to stay in, and they all unpacked their stuff, and relaxed. White took Niobi out to see the town, when Green slipped something into his backpack, which he had left behind for whatever reason. Orange noticed, and started questioning him on it, to which Green denied each one. He kept doing so until Orange gave up, which wasn't too long, as Orange is fairly lazy in these types of situations. The topic wasn't mentioned for the rest of the day.

White and Niobi had long since gotten back, and they had all gone to bed. White was sleeping with his backpack next to him, when that thing Green had slipped in it "crawled" out, and went towards his back. It then went inside his scar, and a dark aura formed around White. It soon got too hard to see inside it, and out emerged what looked like White with a black body, and bright white eyes. The new person then ran out, and started wreaking havoc on the city.

Dawn had already arised, and White was just getting up. He noticed that his whole area where he slept was completely in shambles. He got up, and went out onto the balcony, to see the entire isle in a wreck. There was fire everywhere, as well as blobs of dark made no sense. He wondered how there was so much catastrophe in such a short time, and went down to get a better look at it.

He was taking a closer look at the dark substance, when a couple Waddle Dees in police outfits spotted him. One of them blew a whistle, and they started chasing him. White ran until he couldn't anymore, and was eventually caught. The last he knew for a while was him tripping, the police catching up to him, a sharp pain hitting his head, and then darkness.

He woke up in a jail cell. It was simply a small room, bars for one wall, concrete for the others, a small barred window, a bench, and a mirror. White wondered what the hell he had done, when he noticed something going on with the mirror. He looked in it, but he didn't see himself. He saw a different Popopo, one with a black body, and white eyes. He jumped back at the sight, but the reflection didn't move. It simply stood there, looking at White with a somewhat unamused look. It finally spoke up, telling White his predicament: The reflection was framing White, as they were the same person. He was just a manifestation of White's dark side. It all made clear sense to him now. He tried to get out of the cell, and managed to simply walk in between two of the bars. He then ran out of the prison, into the town plaza.

But...there's no town plaza to be seen. It was visible in some areas, but it was mostly covered in that dark substance that was only in a few places before. It seemed to have more of a blue tinge to it than before, but that seemed insignificant at the moment. What White was trying to do is stop it from expanding more. He wondered where the other guys were, so they could help him, when the substance started to move. Out popped a small cosmic-looking clone of him.

The clone begins to wreak havoc on the town, and out of instinct, White goes to stop it. However, the clone seemed to be the same speed as White, and he couldn't keep up. He pulled something out of his backpack that looked kinda like a small sun, held it above him, and all of a sudden got a giant boost of speed, leaving flames behind him. He caught up with the little clone, and striked. He got it almost down, but then it multiplied...and multiplied...and multiplied...until there were thousands surrounding him. They all striked, but in all the ruckus, White managed to walk out of their mobbing of the single area, and escape.

He went around to warn the others of his predicament, when the clones started flooding the room, absorbing anyone they could get their hands on. White got up on a high ledge, to avoid being caught, but it was no use; everyone there besides him got captured by the cosmic substance. He tried to chase after it, but it just seeped away from him. Eventually, it went into the sewers, and despite clearly not wanting to, White had to follow it. So, he jumped down the manhole, and chased it some more.

He followed the matter until it reached the original source; what looked to be a large black top hat with glowing yellow eyes, gloves for hands, and a large red cape. The mysterious being revealed himself to be Wiz, a famous magician, known specially for making his tricks come to life, though he had recently been learning to control Cosmic Matter, which was the substance that had been causing him so much grief. The mage challenged White to a duel, which he gladly accepted.

The two fought, fire with fire, blast by blast, until White was completely tired out. The Cosmic Matter about to take hold of him, he simply fell over, and admitted defeat. Suddenly, the other guys that had been taken by the Cosmic Matter hopped out, and attacked Wiz, while some of them tried to get White back up. The battle raged on, with the winner being the DMR, by quite a landslide. After the battle, they were celebrating on the battlefield, when White jokingly put on the hat that was once most of Wiz's body. The party went on as it had before, but White was acting a bit...strange. He was a bit more psychotic, and he had suddenly become able to float without a jetpack. Suddenly, Orange was lying on the ground unconscious, with the cause being White, holding Wiz's wand.

The most obvious reason that anyone could think of was that Wiz was still alive within the hat, and had taken control of White's mind when he put the hat on. So, the group attacked Wiz!White, trying to get the hat off of him, hoping he'd be back to normal once it was off. Thus, a battle raged on, with the two sides being seemingly matched. There seemed to be no end to the battle...until Blue found something off in the distance. It seemed to be a blade made out of a shiny yellow material that he recognized as ambrosium. He grabbed it, and tried attacking Wiz!White with it, which seemed to work. The hat split in half, and White fell to the ground.

The group decided it was time to leave as quick as possible, when Red noticed something that was inside the hat that Wiz was wearing. It looked like some sort of card...but they knew it was what they were looking for. It was completely crystallized. They had unknowingly found the location of the next Crystal Artifact! They picked up White, dragged him out of the sewer, and started to head home on a boat they stole borrowed from a boat salesman in the Isle.

On their way back to Sky City, White noticed something in the distance, and steered the boat towards a set of small islands. He explained that these were the Neo Islands; a small group of islands that him and Niobi would visit as kids. They decided to explore around, and see if they could find any of the loot the two would bury from time to time, seeing if anyone would find it.

They were there for a few hours, but they knew they weren't in the current circumstances to be able to dawdle, so they headed back out.

Interlude 2

Shadoo is disgusted at Flarus for creating a plan that failed once again, and sends him out of his sight. He then asks around for any ideas, but the only ideas he gets are useless. So, he scolds everyone, and decides that he needs to go out himself, and promptly does so, carrying the only Crystal Artifact the Dark Matter Army had with him.

The group sets up camp once again, and as White tries to go to sleep, he has the strange memory dreams again of his parents. He tosses and turns, trying to get the thoughts out of his head, but he only tries for a little bit, eventually realizing that he'd rather let the dreams happen than anything else. He eventually falls asleep, silently shedding tears.

A few hours had passed, and the fire that the group had set up at camp had already gone out. Suddenly, a large cloud of darkness shrouds White, and out pops that manifestation of his dark side from earlier. He tried to find out what was going on, and he eventually found a path to a village, where he asked around for where he was. He eventually found out that he was back in Jeitia, and the dark side explained his predicament to the person, who said he should lay low for a while, until he gets a chance to break free of the vessel. He was told where he could, and made it sure that he took it to memory. He then went back to the camp, and got back into his awakening position just as the sun was rising.

The group finally got up, ready, and headed back to Sky City. They went to the Jayrus Shrine, presented the Crystal Card, and put the map in its pedestal for it to expand. It showed a completely white area, taking up a large portion of the east of the Grassy Plains. A few mountains were placed on there, and it was labeled, "Fahr Taiga". They knew that was their next destination, so they started to gather supplies.

They quickly realized that they had no method to get to the taiga. So, as they do whenever they get into a situation like this, they visited the city psychic, Vago. She told them that they had to collect the three pieces of a legendary machine that "cuts the sky in two". White was unsure about this at first, but he remembered hearing the quote somewhere else, about a vehicle capable of flight. So he set off to look for the three pieces of it, which he figured were probably in the general area of Sky City.

He had finally found the three pieces, and combined them, to form the legendary machine, the Dragoon. He tried to teach himself to fly it, which was fairly straightforward. He got the hang of it quickly, and headed toward where he needed to go.

Fahr Taiga: Not As Cold As It Seems

He flew on the Dragoon for hours. He finally made it just as the sun was setting. He landed in a small village on the side of a mountain, and tried to find a place to stay, so he could set up a Portal Gate there, to bring everyone else there. He eventually got a room in a small inn, and set up the gate, going straight to bed after.

Surprisingly, nothing had happened while White was asleep for once, and he woke up soundly. He went outside, just in time to see a large beast romp through town, freezing anything that moved. He went out to see the damage, only to be frozen himself. However, as with any other time he's frozen, due to his body heat, he melts the ice around him easily. He begins chasing the beast up the mountain.

They're on their way up, when they encounter what looks somewhat like a Popopo angel thing. They approach it, prepared to attack it, when they realize that it managed to get itself stuck in the snow. So, they decide to help it, obviously, as it's the right thing to do. It suddenly tried to speak to them, using hand gestures and such, when White noticed that it had no mouth. He decided to take him in anyway, despite not even knowing his name.

They finally got back on track, chasing the beast up the mountain, when it entered a large palace made out of pure ice and crystal. Obviously, they followed it in, and quickly got lost in the labyrinth that was the Crystal Palace.

They walked around for hours on end, trying to find a way to the top of the palace. The place was riddled with puzzles and such, but they had no luck in getting very high up. Luckily, they soon realized the palace only had a couple floors, and they reached the top a lot quicker than they thought they would.

They reached Canyglo, who was trapped in a room, and forced to fight the group. While this battle didn't take too long, it was still somewhat decently difficult. It turned out that the beast could do more than just breath frost, but was almost made of the stuff. So, you can imagine a lot of freezing and melting went into the battle.

The beast lay there, seemingly dead, when a large dark orb of matter started to emerge from its back, growing large red spikes in a circle around one part of it, and revealing a large red eye opposite of them. White immediately knew this was the moment he was waiting for. He was finally going to face the Doppelganger Lord himself, Shadoo. Of course, with Shadoo dragging on with a quick rivalry-esque conversation with him, he had to wait a bit to do any actual fighting. He got bored, so he cut the conversation short, and the battle of all battles begun.

One very long, very heated battle later, White emerged alive. Shadoo did as well, but damaged much more than White. He seemed distracted by something, which ended up costing him the battle in the end. It was something along the lines of analyzing White's movement...but before White could say anything, Shadoo was already gone. He had dropped something on the way out, which looked somewhat must have been the next Crystal Artifact. Little did he know that it was soon to be one of the most important ones he gets: the Crystal Heart.

The palace was wrecked afterwards; walls shattered, areas of the ceiling melted, and worst of all: pillars holding the place together were shattered. The group was in a rush to get out, as the palace would fall at any moment, and pieces were falling as they went.

They finally made it out unharmed (save for a few scratches), and made their way down the mountain, finally reaching the village they stayed in not too long ago. The spry boy they met on the way up flew off somewhere, and came back with the mayor of the village, granting him permission to go with White and co. The boy's name was finally exposed: Yosos.

With the Crystal Heart in hand, our heroes ventured back to Sky City. White took the long route, as he had to take the Dragoon back as well.

Interlude 3

Shadoo is moping over losing the single Crystal Artifact they had to White, when the same jester-like fellow White and co. had met before suggested that he go out, which Shadoo agreed to almost instantaneously. So the jester went, leaving Shadoo to mope some more.

So the group eventually made their way back to Sky City, and White headed over to the Jayrus Shrine on his own. He did the same usual routine, and the map expanded to show a flat, tannish area just above the Fahr Taiga, which strangely omitted the very corner of it from the edge of the map. It labeled itself "Hexic Desert", and White proceeded to set off in that direction, letting everyone know they were leaving ahead of time.

Hexic Desert: Semi-Official Treasure Hunters

White headed out on the Dragooon towards the desert, prepped with a Portal Gate to use upon arriving. He looked down, and didn't see any form of civilization anywhere. So he decided to simply fly down there, and set up a bit of a base there. After that was done, he set up the Portal Gate, and watched as everyone filed themselves through from the other end. They eventually set out after role call was taken.

Seeing nothing but empty desert for miles, the group decided to split up in pairs, and scour the area for anything pointing to some form of civilization, to no avail. However, Blue and Green had found a small tunnel leading to the underground; after meeting up with everyone else, they explained their findings, and led everyone to the tunnel. Immediately thinking there would be some form of loot inside, White rushed down the tunnel. Everyone else unamusedly followed.

More to come...

TBA Areas

  • Garden in the Sky
  • Tunnel Maze
  • Subspace Mines
  • Goldacre Forest
  • Outer Limits
  • Mount Trevos
  • Starlight Casino
  • Marshy Swamps
  • Swyncoast Raceway
  • Frantic Dungeon
  • Olden Clockworks
  • Calyph Manor
  • Ashview Plaza
  • Mt. Blackwell
  • Dark Matter Stronghold
  • Darkest Skies
  • Epilogue