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Element Fire, Ice, Lightning
Weapon Rainbow Sword
Age  ? (approx. 14-16)
Birthday  ?
Gender Male
Species Popopo
Home Dreamland (at times Sky City)
Affiliation Dark Matter Resistance

Debut The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula (guest)

"You might think this is role reversal, but it's nothing! ... You're still dealing with the master of a legendary weapon, and, as that master, I will use this Rainbow Sword to its limit!" -Terra, in one of his battles against Nethwine

Terra is a Star Warrior hailing from Pop Star.  A master of three elements (fire, ice, lightning), he's quite the fighter.  He is also one of the wielders of the Rainbow Sword, although he has mastered it better than most, if not all, other wielders.  He is also the only one who can call for it at will, barring the exception that it has been stolen.


He looks like a regular popopo, with a light-green body, green eyes, and dark green feet.  His cheeks each have one small dash across them, looking a lot like war paint marks.  He has a dark stripe going across the middle of each of his feet, and a red gem on his forehead.  The embedded gem has no known purpose other than looking pretty.


  • Speed: 4/5
  • Power: 3.5/5
  • Defense: 2.5/5

Without any elemental link, Terra doesn't have any distinguishable traits.  He has an average speed and power, with no strengths, but no weakness.  Terra can typically use this to his advantage by using his opponent's weaknesses against them. This element-less mode is only available to him if his three elements are extracted out of him through an Ele-Theft Ray or other means.


As mentioned before, Terra is a tri-elemental; he can control fire, ice, and lightning.  However, unlike with most elementals, each element he uses has huge weaknesses, requiring him to use all three elements in most cases.  Also unlike with most elementals, these elements act like passive elements, giving him more buffs than ways to attack, but are controlled like physical elements.  Terra loves to confuse his opponent by using all three elements in sync, with each having a very contrasting fight style to go with it.


  • Speed: 3.5/5
  • Power: 5/5
  • Defense: 1.5/5

The Fire element is Terra's most-used element.  When using it, he gains a large boost in power and a very minor speedup.  However, his attacks can be predictable and, if dodged, easily counterable. He has a nearly non-existent defense in this form, so he can easily be taken down in this form, as well. His attack power is nearly unrivaled, though, and can easily take down the most fortified of opponents if they aren't careful. Most attacks in this form can break most forms of resistance or shielding, so it's best to simply dodge his attacks before they reach you.


This is his main fire-based ability. It works much like a clusterbomb and gives off a series of violent explosions (which are proximity-triggered) for their small size. However, their blast can affect him as well if he's weak enough and close enough. They work extremely well as a trapping tool, as well, being fairly unnoticeable to anyone not aware of the weapon itself.

Flare Uppercut

Terra abandons use of any weapon with this attack, dealing a simple, yet extremely effective, flame-imbued uppercut with his fist. It does an extraordinary amount of damage and is deceptively fast, but miss this move, and you'll be sorry; it's a close-range blow that is extremely easy to dodge and counter, and is a prime example of what Terra's Fire element does.


  • Speed: 2.5/5
  • Power: 3.5/5
  • Defense: 5/5

The Ice element is Terra's go-to element for defense and counters.  While using it, he sacrifices speed for a very respectable defense.  He has great attack control in this form as well, and can feign opponents out with a surprisingly unpredictable moveset.  Although the hits may not have much power behind them, they have a chance to slow, and, if the opponent is weak enough, freeze them.  The defensive stance in this form is his most used ability, aptly named the Ice Guard.  Fire attacks can very easily pierce through this otherwise difficult-to-penetrate defense.

Rising Glacier

This is a technique that took Terra years to find out and learn. It is one of the only proofs of any of his three elements being more than just buffs. This technique has both an offensive and defensive use to it, but the core effects are the same. Terra causes icy structures to rise, either ahead of him (offensive) or surrounding him like a shield (defensive). These icy protrusions have potential to cause severe damage and have the greatest chance to slow down anyone hit by them.

Ice Guard

The aforementioned stance is an incredible guard against nearly anything. Projectiles are either refracted or taken straight-on for little to no damage, and most melee attacks will be parried and leave openings for Terra's slowed form. Most any opponent who tries to deal even the slightest of damage to him in this form will often find themselves in this situation, and slowed by the additional effect of the element itself.


  • Speed: 5/5
  • Power: 4/5
  • Defense: 3/5

The Lightning Element is Terra's go-to element for quick takedowns.  While using it, he gains a significant boost in power and a tremendous boost in speed.  However, it zaps at his energy for as long as he's using it.  Terra often uses his speed to his advantage, outflanking his opponent and then bombarding it with attacks until it falls.  If the opponent counterattacks, Terra can counter back with a short-range burst that acts like a damaging shield.  This is often considered the glass cannon of the three, due to the short time he has to take down his opponent in this form.  Once that metaphorical timer runs out, Terra's in plenty of trouble if he doesn't switch out.

Supersonic Lunge

One of Terra's strongest attacks, this move sacrifices a significant amount of energy to deal a powerful piercing stab in the blink of an eye. Due to his speed (in combination with lightning), this lunge has a large range and is nearly unavoidable. It also deals significant pressure on guards, and has a strong chance of breaking them. He can use this technique with any melee weapon.

Electrical Burst

This attack allows Terra to easily counter blindside hits or approaches. He quickly charges a large-scale amount of electricity and releases it in a small, area-effect burst around his person. The longer he charges it, the larger the area. The burst does not deal continuous damage as one would expect; instead, the charge is send out in one clean blast, dealing a heavy single-hit to opponents in its range, and knocking them away. Normally, this move is very safe, but certain barriers can block the move completely, and it zaps a large chunk of his energy.

Non-Elemental Abilities

SoulFire Blast

Terra’s ultimate last resort. This move can only be performed with the Rainbow Sword, and only by Terra. Despite the name, he does not require himself to be in his fire form to perform this. Terra slashes at the enemy, using every ounce of power he still has, to the point of death, to take out a single target. This move is virtually unblockable, but can be dodged or interrupted by certain means. If this does happen, neither Terra nor the target shall be killed. If interrupted, however, they will both still be severely harmed. If the move succeeds completely, no trace will be left of either Terra or the target.

Sword Beam

A technique Terra learned while training under Meta Knight.  He charges power into the sword for a short while, and then releases it as a shot while swinging it.  Although he can do this with any blade, he normally uses the technique with the Rainbow Sword, which can amplify the Sword Beam's power completely.  The Sword Beam can do massive damage to many opponents (even at once), and can pierce through even the sharpest of defenses.  However, it does require time to charge, and a good portion of energy to use, so it is not always the most available of moves.

Rainbow Boomerang

This is a technique that only Terra is known to do with the Rainbow Sword. He tosses the Rainbow Sword in (you guessed it) a boomerang-like fashion, and it always ends up coming right back to him. He can control the sword temporarily on his own once it is thrown, and can even pull lighter enemies towards him.

Blade Shield

Terra controls the Rainbow Sword on his own, having it spin as a shield anywhere around him. It deflects most projectiles, and can clash against some close-range blows. However, if the blade loses a clash, Terra temporarily loses control of it.


(I've been mulling over showing what I already have for Terra's elaborate backstory, and I think I'll finally show it. Here is the elaborate backstory.)

Terra was a very late addition to the DMR, having spent most of his life with Kirby and Meta Knight in Pop Star.  However, he had no problem joining the DMR upon stumbling into Sky City through mostly unknown means, as he's had his issues with Zero and the DMA back in Pop Star.

Throughout his life before meeting with White and the DMR, Terra was consistently at odds with himself.  He was an android created by Nightmare, to serve Nightmare, under the name of Spur.  However, due to an attempted sabotage of the project by the two Star Warriors, Meta Knight and Kirby, he was activated prematurely, and thus rebelled, but not before having nearly killed both Star Warriors.

His treason against Nightmare caused him to hurtle into space, passed out.  Meta Knight and Kirby had still been in the vicinity, in the Halberd.  They both decided to give him a chance, despite nearly being killed by him only moments ago.  Throughout his life, however, his origin still threatened to take control of him, and, at times, did take control.  However, despite that, he continued on and fought alongside the two who saved him.

Fast-forward years later.  Nightmare's attack finally subsided for the time being, but a new force soon threatened them; Zero and the DMA.  The DMA devastated Pop Star, but Terra was able to reach Zero.  However, he was unable to kill off Zero.  Finally, Terra used his ultimate attack, SoulFire Blast, to try to eradicate them both.  The move was interrupted through Zero teleporting, but he sent Terra off with him, leaving him missing for years.

After he finally returned, it wasn't much longer until the strange incident happened, and he found himself in Sky City.  From there, White was able to help Terra separate and seal Spur in a galactic crystal.  From then on, he has helped the DMR out when needed, while still staying in touch with Kirby and Meta Knight in Pop Star.  At times, the other two will come to Sky City to assist Terra, as well.


Terra is oftentimes the most serious and on-point of whatever group he's with, constantly stressing the importance of whatever he (or the group) is doing. Due to this, he will often ignore many injuries to accomplish his goals. However, this also means that he overstresses his minor injuries often. He wishes nothing more than to keep everyone around him safe, even if he has to go through more trouble himself in order to do so. Trained by Meta Knight, he also holds a sense of honor over his head, as he will never face someone with an unfair advantage, even risking death in the process. No matter what he thinks, he will always be listening and attentive to everyone else and what they have to say.

However, in dire times, Terra will often let his emotions control him, which can be both good and bad. Terra's strengthened emotion also strengthens his fighting, but he doesn't fight as smart. Moreover, no one can take him out of these emotional outrages once they begin. These outrages often come from one of two emotions; sadness and anger. If his outrage is anger-based, he will be more willing to fight and far more aggressive in his attacks, but leave far more openings. If his outrage is sadness-based, Terra will often lose his will to fight. However, if coaxed into doing so, he plays an extremely defensive, and passive, fighting style.

Of course, through the years, he has gotten a better hold of his emotions, and can sometimes instead calm himself down plenty and actually fight even smarter in dire times, allowing for some injury-free fights against even those who would normally pose a threat to him. However, he can often get extremely cocky in this emotional state, and even one missed opportunity could become disastrous if he doesn't catch it in time.

Overall, Terra's an extremely passionate individual, often having a rather thin skin, and letting plenty of things get to him, often by his own volition. Oftentimes very brave, he'll never back down from an extra challenge. However, he is a very reluctant decision-maker, often faltering and stalling during a mission without any extra help. As honorable as a true warrior can be, Terra is a solid friend and teammate to have, even if he does still need to be guided in the right direction here and there.

Relationships with Other Characters


Terra feels quite indebted to White after being separated from Spur thanks to him. For now, Terra looks to White simply as the leader of the DMR and, thus, whenever he's in Sky City, the main person to take orders from. He has a sizable respect for White's consistent efforts, but can't help but poke fun at his occasional forgetfulness.


Much like with White, Terra has a sizable respect for Blue and his persistence.  Although, at times, his young age tends to get Terra second-guessing himself about following his orders, he knows that Blue can be just as clever as White, and treats him as such.  He can't help but question many of Blue's reckless antics, however. Despite that, Terra looks up to Blue in what the young DMR captain knows, and will not hesitate to help him at his request.


After Terra was separated from Spur and left the hospital, he met Eloez. It didn't take long for him to feel the one feeling Spur had locked up; love. Despite the short time they have known each other, he has a bond with her that is only second to his bond with Kirby. He still feels unsure of such a relationship, but seemingly knows that he feels a specific way with Eloez that he won't feel with anyone else. He wants to keep her protected at all costs, and can sometimes come off as too overprotective with her. Along with White, Eloez is one of the main reasons Terra continues to frequent Sky City.


A relationship between characters does not become much more love-hate than this. Terra was quickly able to understand that Magne was doing nothing more than picking fights with anyone around here, and was quickly frustrated with the fact that he did that only to stall their search through the DMA base. Terra gets along with him times. He will not hesitate to work with Magne, but is constantly annoyed by his impatience and seemingly stubborn nature. He understands Magne has decent intentions, however, and he shows that in his willingness to give him advice here and there, even in his fighting skills.


Since Terra and Slick are on opposing sides (Slick is a DMA member), the two are somewhat distant and don't see each other much. However, they get along due to a common enemy in Dimentus, and will not hesitate to fight together for a cause that helps the both of them, as is the case against the Dark Auras. Terra still understands the DMR/DMA boundary, but goes around it in any way he can to catch up on matters. Despite what Zero and the DMA did to him back in Pop Star, Terra knows plenty well that Slick and his group had no part in that war. They fight each other plenty as well, when everything is mostly normal in Sky City.

Meta Knight

The great Star Warrior of Dream Land has mentored Terra since he could remember, but he does not only look up to the knight for being that. He treats Meta Knight almost as a father, referring to him on a personal level consistently when the two speak. Terra is always wary and attentive of what he says, and knows that the lessons he teach have plenty of meaning. He often rebels against Meta Knight's orders here and there, believing he has a better plan. Even though he's right at times, he is more likely to be wrong going through with his plan as opposed to Meta Knight's. He wishes to exceed Meta Knight's ability, and uses that as part of his motivation to keep fighting and training.


Dream Land's pure and graceful hero has always been with Terra due to Meta Knight's plans. He believed that they would complement each other with their differences, and he was right. Although their obvious differences leave them disagreeing with each other frequently, Kirby and Terra both love and care for each other like brothers, and have learned to work well, despite their, at times, polarizing differences. They have some of the best battle chemistry, making them extremely effective when fighting together. The two complement and cover any weaknesses either one would have individually, making them hard to beat.


Terra is, to say the least, afraid of Spur. Even now (although he has at least mustered up some courage to fight him finally), he is afraid of what he was, and the damage he could do, even when not at full power. Oftentimes, he still requires help from his friends to disable Spur time and time again, with Terra unable to learn of his true potential against Spur; one that could match his former self's power.


Terra's self-proclaimed arch-nemesis has gotten under his skin more than once, often trying many tactics to either kill him, or kill one he cares about. Nethwine has, more than once, successfully hypnotized Terra and caused him to turn on his own side. The two are near equals when battling each other, although they fight in completely different manners. They both have a great hatred for each other, and neither one ever lets up an inch when fighting.


Being the head of the Dark Auras is already more than enough to put you on Terra's bad side, but even moreso when you are also responsible for brainwashing a brother figure in Kirby. There's really not much more to say here.  It's like Nethwine's case, times five.


Terra and this Halcandrian Dee didn't start off on very good terms, as the first time they met was due to Tonea having stolen the Boom Stick. Terra nearly had him killed, but let off and allowed him to get off scotch-free. Ever since, the two have grown quite close as friends, with each willing to help the other out.


Terra first fought Xenom in the DMA base, when it was taken over by the Dark Auras. Even during their fight, Terra didn't feel right fighting this Dark Aura member, and questioned if he was even a Dark Aura at all. His fun-loving nature and genuine respect made Terra want to try to reveal to Xenom that he's helping a cult that does not have good intentions, as opposed to just kill him off. He feels he has to do everything in his power to get Xenom on the right track, and to protect him, especially upon finding that he was another wielder of the legendary Rainbow Sword. He is also training Xenom plenty, in order to help him master wielding the legendary sword. Despite the former Dark Aura's young age, Terra believes he could pull it off now.



  • At one point Terra's name was actually Emerald, which would have led to some confusion if it had remained. Luckily, the character's creator had changed it ahead of time, even before the two canons had merged.
  • Terra's name is ironically one meaning 'down to earth.'  In his emotional outrages, it's more than clear how ironic the meaning truly is.
  • Everything on this page (minus the backstory before his appearance in Sky City and relations with Meta Knight/Kirby) has been developed over an RP that White and Mega have been continuing for over a month and have made canon to the AoW series.
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