Rarity Common
Behavior No volition; follow commands effortlessly
Habitat Sky City
Affiliation Schatten

Spitron (pronounced: Sp-I-tren) are a species of robots created and overseen by Schatten. As they are robots, they are inorganic and do not have their own volition, having to obey the orders of Schatten and his army, often to do their dirty work. Some Spitron have been known to malfunction and become self-aware, but are almost immediately purged, killing them. Spitron come in a variety of different forms, with it's most common being Spitron Monitors.

Spitron Models

  • Spitron Monitors are the most common form, and are floating monitors with a single eye in the centre of it's body that - when active - constantly shows a looping set of numbers. These are often used as cameras, as they are weak and defenceless.
  • Spitron Mechs are the most advanced form of Spitrons, and make up a majority of Shatten's army. The Mechs are large, bulky figures that have a large cannon for an arm. Unlike the Spitron Monitors, the Mechs are often used to keep the civilisation in fear of the army.
  • Spitron Scouts are a quicker, almost ninja-like form of Spitrons that are used to spy on rebellion groups. Like the Spitron Monitors, the Scouts are quite weak, though do have blades in the place of hands, allowing for some defence. They are very sophisticated, as they have the ability to blend into their surroundings via a cloaking device.