Element Copy
Weapon Star Rod
Age  ?
Birthday  ?
Gender male
Species Popopo
Home Dreamland Outskirts

"Fine? It's because of me that you've even gone broke. If you're not gonna let him repay it, then let me." -Kirby, to Eloez, wishing to repay some lost money.

Kirby is the innocent, and powerful, protector of Pop Star, and a Star Warrior. As a master of the Copy Ability (referred to as Copy Element in Zolara), he is a master of many different weapons. He often eats to gain powers from enemies, but can also use many legendary weapons to an extent, such as the Rainbow Sword. The Star Rod is his main weapon of choice, especially when without an ability.


Who doesn't know what Kirby looks like!? "First you draw a circle..."

Kirby's about as simple as a character can get. He has a pink body, with red feet, blue eyes, and red-ish cheek blushes.


Speed: 3/5

Power: 3/5

Defense: 3/5

Kirby is very unpredictable because of how many abilities he can gain from his Copy Element (Ability)... Sword, Cutter, Fire, Ice, Wheel, Spark, Archer, Beetle, Ninja, Leaf, Water, and others are available as possible abilities he can gain from his Copy. As he is not of Zolara, his method of gaining such abilities is not the same. He must eat something containing the given ability to gain it for himself. Each element allows him to use various different tools, resulting in him being way stronger than he might seem at first.


Before having crashed (quite literally) into the town of Dreamland, no one knows of his past, other than his occasional hints to Terra about possibly having been created as a demon beast.

It is known that he came along several years earlier than Terra did. Meta Knight had a small home built for him on the outskirts, where he occasionally trained the innocent Star Warrior. As a year passed, and then another, Nightmare continued to increase his intensity of attack on Pop Star. However, it wasn't until years later when word was gained of Nightmare's to-be-ultimate creation, Spur. After the failed sabotage, Kirby's incredible forgiveness coaxes Meta Knight to do the same with the unconscious Spur, despite the near-death fight they both had against him.

From there, this backstory takes over.


Naive, oblivious, and always optimistic, the iconic pink puffball almost always shows a smile, no matter what the case. He may seem defenseless with this kind of personality, but he is far from that. Despite his oblivious nature, he can find anything if he sets his mind to it. Kirby may not always realize the consequences his actions have, but he tries his best to do the right thing at all costs. His optimistic nature also makes him just as forgiving to his foes, almost always willing to give them a second chance. Sometimes, this forgiveness can backfire, but, other times, it works.

Relationships with Other Characters

Kirby, in general, treats everyone with a great deal of respect and friendliness, unless they are obviously evil. Most everyone (if not everyone) in the DMR falls under this general category.


Kirby and Terra both share that same mutual brother bond that makes the two so tight. His lighthearted nature complements Terra's strict and serious nature, and completes it in what it doesn't have. The two are as different as light and darkness, but through the massive amounts of time they have spent together, they are able to work so well together against anything that comes their way. The same way Terra cares for Kirby, the reverse is also true. The two would take on death itself to keep the other safe.

Meta Knight

Kirby has a very similar relationship to Meta Knight as Terra has. He knows Meta Knight mostly as a mentor and father figure, as well, and will listen to what he is told from the knight very well, as well as follow that without question.