Element Wind, Telekinesis
Weapon Shock Claws
Age 22
Birthday July 6
Gender Female
Species Popopo
Home Sky City
Affiliation Dark Auras

Debut The Adventures of White: Uninvited Guests

Gale is an up and coming member of the Dark Auras. She is a questionable addition, as she has not only one, but two elements. But, she was enticed into it when the DMR and Dark Aura cult essentially started a war with each other. She's another permanent member of the Dark Auras as well.


Gale is rather typical in appearance for a Popopo. She has a white body, with magenta feet, purple eyes, and brown hair. She is easy to distinguish, however, due to her lack of arms.


Speed: 4/5

Power: 3.5/5

Defense: 5/5

Gale is a master of telekinesis, allowing her to float in midair and use weapons easily. Her ability is extremely powerful, and allows her to hold and control many items individually. Because of this, she can defend herself very well, even from behind. She is able to anticipate her opponents' actions after only a short while, making her one you wouldn't want to play a war of attrition with. If her initial defense is broken, however, she is prone to taking plenty of damage.

Of course, she also has the Wind element at her disposal, although she now rarely uses it in favor of her telekinesis ability, especially since she has been without arms. She usually does nothing more with this element than spawn small tornadoes, or spin and become a tornado herself.

Her weapon of choice is a set of Shock Claws. These Shock Claws have a special component that, when slashed, create a damaging shockwave that multiplies their range. They have a small chance to paralyze, but can harm opponents significantly with only a few hits.


Not much is known of her, with the exception of the fact that she had lost her arms in some kind of serious fight. No exact details are known, as this happened elsewhere. Before this incident, she was mainly a Wind elemental alone. It wasn't until after this incident where she discovered how powerful her 'secondary' element was. Eventually, she left her first home and began to wander; she continued to do so for years until finally settling quietly and unnoticeably in Sky City. It wasn't much longer until she had signed up for the Dark Auras.


Gale is gruff, serious, and someone of very few words. She rarely ever shows even a hint of emotion, generally opting for apathy or reserved rage. She is one who will fight before asking her opponent anything, and is quick to consider anyone she meets an enemy. She often doesn't realize her limits, however, which can place her in bad situations.

She is also oftentimes a lone wolf, opting to take threats on her own, without anyone's assistance.  However, in planned ambushes, she will not hesitate to bring another one or two allies of her's over to attempt to ensure success.

Relationships with Other Characters




  • It is rumored that Gale is not even from Zolara at all; most of her prior life is not known or recorded at all. This rumor has not been confirmed at all, however.
  • Gale's lack of arms idea came from the sole fact that her very spacy creator made a doodle of her in which he completely forgot to draw her arms. No joke.
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