The enemies in The Adventures of White. Similar to Kid Icarus: Uprising, enemies are sorted into factions, and factions will fight each other. Some factions are in "alliances", meaning enemies from certain pairs of factions will not fight each other.

Enemy Drop Weapon Dropped (If Any) Faction
NZ Telepearl None Dark Matter Army
Matterling Electrobit None Dark Matter Army
Spark Wisp Spark Essense None Dark Matter Army
Sky Spirits Ectoplasm None Dark Matter Army
Mudrill Spike None Maxian Army
Skipper Water Essense None Maxian Army
Shieldar Iron Ingot Shieldar's Shield Maxian Army
Vaporizer Vertebrae, Eye of Newt Black Hole Bow, Juggernaut Edges, Target Shield Maxian Army
Cold Shower Genie Ice Essense None Maxian Army
Hot Shower Genie Fire Essense None Maxian Army
Sky Spirits Ectoplasm None Dark Matter Army
Blaze Blaze Rod Blaze Suit, Blaze Bomb Netherian Army
Glace Glace Rod Glace Cannon Aetherian Army
Monoeye Darkness Essense Floor Ice Cream Underworld Army
Orne Kaiserium Ingot Necro Orbs Underworld Army