Elements are an aspect of the Adventures of White series, and a key gameplay mechanic in almost all of the games.

Types of Elements

  • Physical Elements are elements that usually show signs of being existent at first glance. Most of these signs include some form of manipulation of something, be it fire or ice, electricity or water.
  • Spiritual Elements, also known as Passive Elements, are elements that don't really show themselves to begin with. They usually either come from instinct or are harnessed through practice. Most of them don't have any control over something specific; rather, they control certain aspects of either themselves or others.

List of Elements


Element Type Special Traits
Fire Offensive Can burn objects and foes
Can light up dark areas
Ice Defensive Can cool flaming objects
Can freeze foes
Electricity Offensive Can burn objects
Can paralyze foes
Can light up dark areas
Water All-Around Can cool flaming objects
Gives the elemental faster swimming speed
Earth Defensive
Light Offensive Can light up dark areas
Shadows Defensive Can sink below the ground, granting invincibility
Acid Offensive Can corrode the ground, revealing hidden pathways
Wind Defensive Can blow away certain objects
Darkness Defensive Can shroud the area in darkness, blinding foes
Nature Defensive
Sand Offensive
Clouds Support Can create cloud platforms, which can be moved by the creator
Magic All-Around
Cosmos Defensive
Mirror Defensive Can reflect projectiles with their attacks
Mech All-Around
Crystal Offensive Can reflect projectiles with their attacks
Music All-Around Shots home in on foes
Can lull most foes to sleep with their attacks
Storms Offensive Can paralyze foes
Can cool flaming objects
Animal Defensive Can climb certain walls
Can carry foes on their claws
Poison Offensive Can poison foes with their attacks
Metal Defensive Don't take much knockback from attacks
Ghost Defensive Can possess foes, and turn invisible
Plasma All-Around
Angel Support Can usually revive themselves upon death
Slime Support Can walk up walls
Dreams Support
Chemical All-Around Can usually toss bottles of chemicals, which add various negative statuses to foes
Digital Support Can hack into most machines for their own purposes
Subspace Offensive Can turn weak foes into trophies with their attacks
Radioactivity Defensive Causes foes nearby to take continuous damage
Tar Defensive Can cause foes to stop in their tracks
Carbon Offensive
Art Support Can create allies
Candy Offensive Will cause different effects at random, such as burning, freezing, or making the enemy stuck.
Ribbon All-Around Can summon and manipulate ribbons for extra reach or mobility
Command Support Can boost allies when in a role of command
Enhanced strategical ability
Voice Offensive Can bend the forces of nature to their will via shouts
Fire breath, ice breath, unrelenting force, etc.
Neon Offensive Rare Element
Combination of Electricity and Glow
Ability to become weightless to walk on air
Noise Support Unique to inhabitants of the Reaper's City
Shots spread like shotgun fire
Can summon monstrous Noise allies
Phobia* Support Unique to Trogyl and its few followers
Can summon monstrous Phobia allies
Can summon weapons from Phobic essence
Wishes* All-Around Nova's signature element
Can grant any wish
Golem All-Around Can create golems out of materials that can obey their every commands. The weaker the material the less time it takes to make them, the harder the material the more time it takes to make them


Element Type Special Traits
Speed Offensive Usually gives extreme speeds
Gravity All-Around Can change the gravity of foes with most attacks
Stealth Defensive Can usually sneak past guards of treasures and such
Flight Support Increases any sort of flight speed of the elemental
Teleportation Support Can teleport (duh)
Psychic Support Can predict enemy attacks, and counter them
Telekinesis Support Can move things with their mind
Strength Offensive Usually gives extreme strength
Death Offensive Puts a lifesteal aspect on most attacks
Duplication Support Can create clones of themselves, which can take attacks for them
Rage Offensive Can give contact damage when in Rage mode
Undead Support Can revive after death
Mystery All-Around Can make the impossible possible
Camouflage Defensive Can blend in with the background, occasionally allowing travel between background and foreground possible
Fighting Offensive Usually gives increased attack power and speed
Luck Support Makes rare drops from foes more likely
Love Support Can make foes work for them
Hypnotism Support Can control foes from afar
Glow Support Constantly glows, lighting up dark areas
Copy Offensive Can copy moves from foes
Time Defensive Can slow time around them, allowing for quick getaways or easy strikes
Extrasensory All-Around Can detect things that most others are unable to
Most users of this element have extra abilities exclusive to them (i.e. Arcaş's knowledge of virtually everything, Theta's ability to read minds, etc.)
Null Defensive Immune to any form of elemental power - takes all attacks as if they had no element
Empty All-Around An "element without element"
Allows those with souls to use Parodies without risk
WAA All-Around The user speaks with a loud voice, knocking away foes.  The user has a tendency to say WAA from time to time.
Soul Support A fairly rare Element.
Can interact with souls, however isn't able to see or interact with deities.


Weaknesses in the AoW games tend to be unique. And, I'll be honest, overly complicated. Characters with a single Physical Element has their own affinities, of course, but dual-elementals possess their own unique weaknesses. (Don't even get me started on tri-elementals and Spiritual Elements... They're even harder to organize!) To keep track of all the weaknesses for Physical-based single and dual-elementals, there is a dedicated Spreadsheet on Google Drive that can be found here. Please bear in mind that these are merely guidelines - your character may have one of the elemental weaknesses displayed here, or they may have their own unique weakness. It's your character, after all; not the Spreadsheet's.