Element Ice
Weapon Snow Pendant
Age 9
Birthday December
Gender Male
Species Popopo
Home Aurora Glacier

Voiced by Makoto Akoimi
Debut AoWinNN

 Callor is a "cool" kid who comes from the Aurora Glacier. During a Dark Matter Invasion, Callor discovered that he had cryokinesis in his possession thanks to a special pendant given to them by his late parents. However, this wonderful discovery caused a chain of less-than-wonderful events, including the sinking of Aurora Glacier and the loss of his brother.


Being a Popopo, Callor is a round puffball with two beady eyes, a mouth, some blush, and shoes. His blush is notably light thanks to his natural color. Callor wears a giant green snowcap around him; it's so big that there are holes cut into them for his arms. Callor's Snow Pendant is worn around his forehead, covered by the cap.


Callor and Hidalgo are successors of the Ice Warriors, an ancient tribe from long ago. The Snow Pendant is a mysterious object that grants any Snow Warrior the power of cryokinesis, and as such Callor is constantly wearing it; otherwise, he would be near defenseless. Callor also has an advantage on his home terrain because he can skate across the ice to increase this speed. 


Callor originally lived in Aurora Glacier with his brother Hidalgo, whom he admired because he was so different from the rest of the villagers on the glacier. At some point before the AoW games, Callor's mother grows ill, and as a last gift, she presents to him the Snow Pendant, as Hidalgo did not want it. Soon after her death, Callor's father mysteriously leaves the area, never to be seen again, and leaving Hidalgo in charge of Callor. Sometime during the events of AoW, during a Dark Matter Invasion of the Icebergs, Callor discovers that his pendant can be used for combat and masters the usage of cryokinesis to defeat them. However, when the remaining Dark Matter is defeated, the icebergs begin to sink. Although Callor manages to escape, he cannot find Hidalgo anywhere and assumes that he is dead under the water.


Callor, unlike Hidalgo, was a very cheery and upbeat character. He was very curious and would always seperate from his group to go do things on his own accord, seemingly losing interest in whatever he was doing before. This action often gets him into some sort of trouble, and he normally relies on the help of others since he is in too much of a panic to battle himself. However, when there's a stake at hand, Callor knows when to be serious and will be a hard work.

All of this happy-go-lucky attitude starts to fade away when his parents die. Although he still retains his curiousity, he's almost never seen with a smile on his face. Finally, all the pain becomes too much to handle when Hidalgo "dies" under Aurora Glacier. During this period of gloom, Callor was almost never positive like before, even refusing to eat or sleep at times. In addition, he always kept his cap on tight, to the point where it becomes very hard to see his eyes unless he looked upwards.

Upon reuniting with his brother, Callor probably couldn't be more happier! He really cares for those that he considers family and if they are in danger often times he'll put the blame on himself. He also has a bit of a mean side as shown when he will go to great lengths to protect his kind: too far, in some cases. However, he only means for the best for his companions and doesn't want to undergo any more pain than what he has already experienced.

In The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula

Callor is found in Aurora Glacier's Remains. Here, he is seen mourning the loss of his family once more, and at first doesn't want anyone to talk to him. If you have already defeated Hidalgo, however, Callor will finally listen to your stories. Eventually, after being told about the Dark Matter forces, Callor decides that he will travel with the group to find out if his brother is really alive; and asks them to promise that if they are working to stop evil, then they could help to restore Aurora Glacier to it's former glory.



  • Ironically, while Hidalgo is a fire elemental, Callor is an ice elemental. As such, many things about them are polar opposite, such as their personality and their environment in which they are recruited.
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