Advantage High speed; decent melee power
Disadvantage Low range; usually no projectile
Counterpart Class Bows
Blades are a weapon class in the AoW series, first appearing in the first game.

Weapons In This Class

These are the exact descriptions of the weapons in the Blades class, as given ingame.

The Adventures of White

  • Plasma Knife: A plasma-based knife that electrocutes those cut by it.
  • Sky Tomahawk: A battleaxe that is used to be launched high into the air.
  • Mech Blade: A sword built out of the finest Aurum metals. It is able to shoot homing energy shots.
  • Pierce Sword: A sword that can pierce through enemy defenses. It is made out of the same materials as the Pierce Hammer.
  • Embedded Blade: A sword that is embedded with gems of emerald, ruby, and lapis lazuli. It can either burn, freeze, or electrocute foes.
  • Assassin Knife: A small knife with a small band around it, which allows it to seamlessly connect to your arm, allowing for many new kinds of combat.
  • Ultra Battleaxe: A battleaxe with a button on it. This button allows its blades to spin very quickly, allowing for fast attacking.
  • Viridi Scythe: A scythe modeled after that of the goddess of nature, it is able to shoot projectiles with crazy powerful homing.
  • Flip-Switch Blade: A double-ended sword with one end looking like a sword, and the other resembling a gun. Using the sword-like side is great with melee attacks, and the gun-like side is a pro at ranged attacks.
  • Zora Blade: Forged by a species of merpeople, it is a blade imbued with water. It can shoot water bubbles that drown enemies.
  • Thunder Knife: Oh my Nova! Another electric weapon? Come on! At least this one looks cool.
  • Ninja Kunai: A ninja kunai. 'Nuff said.
  • Ultra Sword: A GIGANTIC sword. It can be swung in an arc, obliterating anything in its path.
  • Four Sword: A sword that splits your character into four. That's a lot of error room.
  • Jeitian Daggers: A pair of daggers made by the same weaponsmith as Icaadan's spear. They can be thrown, and do double the normal amount of damage.
  • Bone Blade: A blade crafted with purely bone. It has a "Life Steal" aspect, which heals you as you attack enemies with it.
  • Albiknife: A knife made of pure silverwood. It has a fast slashing speed, and can be thrown.

The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula

  • Silver Axe: An axe made out of pure silver. It has a looting aspect. I bought it from some raccoon in an apron somewhere...
  • Kracko Blade: A blade designed after a spiky cloud. It can shoot beams, and... electrocute enemies...
  • Gear Blade: A blade made out of leftover gears, that looks extremely badass, indeed.
  • Flarebringer: A blade that White borrowed from one of his good friends. It has a fire aspect, and can light even the smallest things into a bonfire.
  • Wikstrom Sword: A blade that is mostly used for aesthetics. It is, however, fairly powerful.
  • Ender Blades: A hilt with three blades attached to it. It lets youteleport, and does triple the normal damage.
  • Energy Saber: A saber made of pure energy. What the heck did you expect?!
  • Slime Blade: Eww! It's so slimy! But, it does make for a good jump boost...
  • Bananium Blade: White tends to get a lot of swords when on adventures with his friends, for some reason. This one is no exception. It does double the normal amount of damage.
  • Quartz Hatchet: A small axe that is extremely sharp. It can cut through most objects.
  • Master's Sword: YOU GOT THE THING. This sword acts a lot like any other sword alone (disregarding the fact that it adds a spin attack to your moves), but when combined with the Master's Armor, you can shoot a beam out of it!
  • Silver Blade: A rough blade that White found in the Dimensional Lost and Found. (And yes, that's a thing.) It has not only a fire aspect, but a looting aspect as well.
  • Zenithian Sword: A sword of unknown past, it deals damage, without considering any defense points. So, if you slash at an enemy with no armor, and an enemy with lots of armor, it'll do the same damage.
  • Missingno: A blade that glitches enemies up, as well as has the capability to be upgraded, allowing for even more glitchiness! Yay!
  • Grass Blade: A blade made out of pure grass and leaves. It curls up on your arm when you're not using it, so you don't have to go carrying it everywhere; you can actually wear it!
  • Acid Blade: A giant acidic blade that Icaadan practically pulled out of his ass after the loss of his youngest brother to the Negative Alliance. It simply burns through any enemies as though they were butter.
  • Double-Edged Knife: A knife with two, count 'em, two, blades on it. That makes for double the damage!
  • Destraya: A legendary blade that was passed down from generation to generation, through murder theft. It has magical capabilities, but it takes a while to learn them, so I'd just use it as a normal sword for now.
  • Dark Matter Blade: A blade forged by the Dark Matter Army, and just like the Destraya, was stolen by White. It has a dark attribute to it, which pretty much acts like a lifesteal aspect.
  • Cutter Blade: A blade based mostly on the blade that you receive from the Cutter Copy Ability. You can slash really quickly with it, and throw it, too!
  • Ender Sickle: A sickle imbued with end stone. It lets you teleport, and pick up the earth around you.
  • Titanfeller: An old sword wielded by people who rode atop giant Waddle Dees or something. Who cares. The point is, it's power increases when used against giant enemies (except bosses). It also comes with a nifty grappling hook that makes mobility a breeze.
  • Light Sword: A golden sword which shines brightly. With this sword, you can not only jab, slice and twirl, but you can shoot blasts of light too. It came with a mysterious green fruit...
  • Wind Kunai: A kunai infused with the power of wind by White. They move a lot farther and deal wind damage.
  • Sun Axe: A axe formed from a solar flare. It has a fire aspect and launches a fireball every time it is swung. It does extra damage when paired up with the Solar Cape.
  • Lockbreaker: Is it a key, or is it a sword? Nobody knows - it hurts their brains just thinking about it. This little weapon allows the user to bypass any locks without needing the required key. It also grants access to limited elemental magic.
  • Blades of Chaos: Forged in the pits of the Underworld, these blades are a deadly reminder of some guy's past. ...At least that's what the package said. Some god of war of sorts... Anyway, they act somewhat like the Swing Cutter, but with both hands, allowing for some wicked combos.
  • Combust Blade: A hilt that can excrete combustible gas from one side, and release a flaming blade on the other side. Use these in combination, and watch everything go BOOM!
  • Cloudrake Knife: A small knife made from a small Cloudrake Fang. It is very fast, and creates small bursts of wind as a projectile. It can also blow away small projectiles, such as the fireballs from the Phoenix boss or the small bubbles from the Shower Genies.

Characters Who Wield Blades

Blades are fairly common when it comes to having them as a main weapon.


The Adventures of White

Ten playable characters wield blades in the first game:

  • Yellow wields a cross between a blade and a staff, known as the Swordstaff
  • Orange wields the Mystic Giantsword of Sorcery
  • Blue wields the Nova Scythe
  • Deo wields the Twin Broadswords
  • Layz wields the Laser Blade
  • Purple wields the Squid Cleaver 2.0
  • Green wields the Blood Sword
  • Calypso wields the Starslasher
  • Crimson wields the Nikolite Dagger
  • Cherry wields the Vampire Dagger

The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula

Thirteen* playables wield blades in this game:

  • Ivory Knight wields Knockbane
  • Kronos wields the Hidden Blades
  • Tri wields the Necro Halberd
  • Pixes wields the Emerald Pick
  • Taennath wields the Smash Saber
  • Zalia wields the Huntress Blade
  • Mito wields the Tele Blades
  • Naeyrar wields the Rossian Axe
  • Posas wields the Rossian Daggers
  • Rahea wields the Ninja Katana
  • Kortana wields the Dual Blades
  • Amarill wields the Heart Twinblades