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White the Popopo
Athena Hawkins
Star Warrior Terra
• 2/18/2014

Area Board REVAMP

Here, you can add any ideas for areas you might get.

NOTE: Not all of these areas will definitely be used.

Areas Suggestions So Far

  • Hisstocrat's Castle
  • Dark Swamplands
  • Searing Savannah
  • Rainy Ravine
  • Acrobatic Airway
  • Metropolis Maze
  • Mad Factory
  • Quake Zone
  • Ordnaf Isle
  • Lavablast Peak
  • Viridis Valley
  • Techtropolis
  • Zero Gravity Zone
  • Aurora Glacier
  • Swingsway Jungle
  • Spotlight Walkway
  • The Web Gondola
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White the Popopo
Athena Hawkins
Star Warrior Terra
• 8/19/2014

Through a darkness of fury-ness and lavas, a mine was left abandoned in a volcano, haunted by strange things, it is called the Volcanic Haunted Mines.



The Volcanic Haunted Mines is, well, once a coal mine inside a volcano, but there were strange disappearances of several miners and the mine was obviously abandoned, which obviously gave it the name Volcanic Haunted Mines.


Any kind of fire-based enemys'

Possessed Pickaxe

Defense?: No

A pickaxe haunted by the ghosts of the disappeared miners, they attack by swinging themselves onto you, which deals critical damage uncommonly, any kind of shields can block critical damages coming from the pickaxes.

Animated Spade

Defense?: No

A spade animated by black magic, they attack by knocking you in the head, which has a chance of becoming stunned, any kind of shields can block critical damages coming from the spades.

Skeleton Popopos'

Defense?: No

Skeleton Popopos are undead grey/white Popopo-like entitys, hence the name, with nothing but bones as it's bodys, it acts just like a melee fighter enemy, but basically has one more power, they aren't able to be killed, due to that they rise back up when killed, you have to either push it off into an insta-kill obstacle (e.g. a bottomless pit), use a weapon that is blessed/holy, or just blow it up, in other areas, they only spawn at night with a fairly uncommon chance.

Undead Miner

Defense?: No

Undead Miners are grey/white skeletal-like Popopos wearing mining helmets, they're obviously the missing miners, anyways, they use pickaxes as their weapons, they share the same abilitys as Skeleton Popopos, their weakness is also shared with Skeleton Popopos, but they are a bit weaker, compared to the Skeleton Popopos.

' means they appear in some areas besides this one.


Infernal Mage

A orange Popopo with a fire copy ability, along with wearing a red robe with a yellow line in the middle, he is able to cast any kind of fire-like spells that makes him dangerous.

  • The Infernal Mage is able to cast fire from below you, indicated by a magic symbol below you.
  • He uses his staff to summon fire enemies.
  • The Infernal Mage flys around the room, dropping down a lightning of fire.
  • The Infernal Mage heals a bit of himself if harmed.
  • The Infernal Mage shoots a big ball of fire, which that you have to jump above it.
  • The Infernal Mage sets himself on fire and chase after you, if you touch him, you will be set on fire (except if you are a fire elemental)
  • The Infernal Mage can teleport and leave trails of fire.


Fiery Monster

A giant flaming creature that looks similar to a Plasma Wisp, but does not have it's element, it has a red to orange body, light yellow hands, crimson red eyes, a silver crown with a ruby embedded in the middle, and spiked chaincuffs around it's hands that has been broken off, which means it was sealed away in the mines, to get to it, you have to get to the heart of the mines, attacks included, after it's defeat, it gets chained to the pillars in the heart of the mines and turns to stone.

  • It is able to breath fire like a dragon, eh?
  • It would pretty much drop fire bombs to the ground, which upon explosion, leaves behind a trail of fire left on the ground for a short time.
  • It can drop on the ground like a ball and roll around the battle stage for a few minutes.
  • It flys and drops fireballs from above.
  • It will drop a fireball that has bombs leaving the trail of fire and dealing splash damage a few seconds after hitting the ground, unlike the normal fireballs, they drop down faster, and spread everywhere in the whole stage. (idea made by Star Warrior Terra)
  • Touching the Fiery Monster could result in you being set on fire (if you are a fire elemental, you are immune to being set on fire from touching it).
  • It is able to make platforms below you rise into the ceiling which has lava also.
  • It can smash the floor which causes boulders to drop from above.
  • It goes into the lava, and the crossfire is on you, which indicates what spot the Fiery Monster is going to jump from below.
• 8/21/2014

...If anything, Haunted Volcanic Mines is a more correct way to say it. ^-^"

I jest, though.

Possessed stuff, skeletons that can't be "killed"

Just have the Fiery Monster drop fire bombs, not also fireballs, unless he will use both in one attack, with only the bombs leaving behind that trail of fire and dealing splash damage a few seconds after hitting the ground. The fireballs will be dropped down faster, and be spread around the whole stage.

...How does that sound?

• 8/22/2014

Sounds like a good idea.

Plus if you want to know where I got the idea of Haunted Volcanic Mines, it's from the Goron Mines in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and as well the Haunted Mines from Runescape.

• 8/22/2014

Ah. So that was the inspiration. Alright.

Also ya didn't have to credit me for the idea on the edited post, really. ^-^"

I-I mean, I appreciate it, but it's just a little idea.

• 8/23/2014
Who dares fight the champion of all champions!
Duraburos, before White accepts a challenge

There is an arena, but not just any arena, a colosseum champion arena suited for those who would like to become one! Called the Champion Arena, this is just an optional place. If you are able to beat all of the champions, including the champions of champions, you are able to win a trophy for display.



The arena was made recently before the events of AoWinNN and has no backstory.


Currently, there is no enemies to the Champion Arena.


Note: They are fought in order.

3rd Place Champions

They are free to access.

Ivan the Champion of Waddle Dees

Ivan, the champion of all Waddle Dees, is fought as the first champion, he is somewhat big as 3 Waddle Dees stacked on each other and is so powerfully strong, a normal-colored Waddle Dee, and his weakness is attacking from behind him.

  • Ivan is able to pick up objects left on the ground and throw them right towards you.
  • Ivan can punch the floor which causes objects to fall from above before you.
  • Ivan will chase towards you, if he succeeds to do so, he will grab you and throw you everywhere.
  • Ivan will block himself from attacks and stay still like a hard statue, which gives you a chance to attack from behind.

Seuron the Champion of Plasma Wisps

Seuron, the champion of all Plasma Wisps, is fought as the second champion, she is easily agile and quick to avoid attacks, she is a blue Plasma Wisps with black hands, and a purple gem on her forehead, her weakness is to interrupt her dodgings or just shoot a homing projectile at her.

  • Seuron is able to shoot projectiles from her hands.
  • Seuron will jump on a wall and throw a bomb that homes in at you.
  • Seuron throws a ninja star at you while staying on the wall.
  • She will dodge any kind of attacks you attempt to do to her, but if you are quick enough, you are able to interrupt her dodging and able to stun her which gives you enough time to damage her.

Bomby the Champion of Dark Matter

Bomby, the champion of all Dark Matter, is fought as the third and last champion, he is a bomber, he is  a Dark Matter with the usual appearance, but his blobs are green-camo colored and his eye is dark green, he also wears a bronze crown, his weakness is, just knock the bombs right back at him.

  • Bomby is able to fly upwards and drop bombs by spitting from his eye.
  • Bomby can shoot a dynamite that homes in on you and detonates upon hitting the ground, which splits into more bombs as it blows up.
  • Bomby can fly like a plane and crash towards you.
  • Bomby will finally shoot a big bomb at you, which blows up and splits into smaller bombs.

That's all of the 3rd Place Champion Minibosses, more to be added soon.

2nd Place Champions

Unlocked by beating the game once and has beaten the 3rd place champions once.

1st Place Champions

Unlocked by beating the EX Mode once and has beaten the 2nd, and 3rd place champions once.

Prime the Champion of Halcandrans

Prime, the champion of all Halcandrans, is fought as the second champion, he is able to change a bit of physics with his staff, a bright blue Halcandran with a mustache and beard, his weakness is to use any kind of bows against him while recharging his staff or while as a clone (since he is a mage after all).

  • Prime is able to disable all class of weapons you're using (except for character-specific weapons) and forces you into a class weapon that isn't disabled (e.g. he disables all classes and forces you to use clubs), while he shoots bouncing projectiles.
  • Prime is able to reverse your movements, along with slowing down your jump height, while he shoots projectiles that homes in towards you.
  • Prime will split himself into 3 clones, the two are fake, but one is the real Prime, if you attack the fake ones, they will break apart and be recreated again, if you attack the real one, the clone attack will be canceled.
  • Prime's staff will run out of energy and he recharges it, giving you a chance to attack him.


Duraburos, The Champion Of All Champions

Unlocked by beating all modes once and has beaten the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place champions once.

To be added soon.

Fact (NEW)

  • This is a bit similar to the Arena and True Arena from Kirby Triple Deluxe.
  • Bomby, is infact named after a baby creeper in PopularMMOs' mod reviews in most case.
• 8/23/2014

Prime should be a 1st Place Champion, in my opinion. Messing with physics generally makes for a hard battle against anyone.

• 8/24/2014
Star Warrior Terra wrote:
Prime should be a 1st Place Champion, in my opinion. Messing with physics generally makes for a hard battle against anyone.

Okay then? But who's going to be the last miniboss of the 3rd place champions? (usually crowns are put on their heads to indicate that they are the last ones).

NVM about this comment, I added a new last 3rd champion called Bomby.

• 8/24/2014

I'm not sure, but I might think of something.

...Emphasis on might, though. ^-^"

• 12/10/2015
Shrek's Swamp Zone.....
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